Sustainable Development: The Transformation of America



By Tom DeWeese

Some think that the planet is in danger of global warming and over consump- tion. They really believe that the only way to fix the problem is to control the flow of resources and wealth, which literally means changing human civilization and the way we live. The problem is, that requires a forced transformation of our entire society to comply, and that ultimately leads to a thirst for power and top- down control – that will eventually lead to tyranny.

In his book, Earth in the Balance, Al Gore warned that a “wrenching transformation” must take place to lead America away from the “horrors of the Industrial Revolution.” The process to do that is called “Sustainable Development” and its’ roots can be traced back to a UN policy document called “Agenda 21”, adopted at the UN’s Earth Summit in 1992.

Sustainable Development calls for changing the very infrastructure of the nation, away from private ownership and control of property to nothing short of central planning of the entire economy – often referred to as top-down control.

Where and when did the term Sustainable Development originate?

The term “sustainable development” was born in the pages of “Our Common Future,” the official report of the 1987 United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development, authored by Gro Harlem Brundtland, Vice President of the World Socialist Party.

For the first time the environment was tied to the tried and true Socialist goals of international redistribution of wealth. Said the report, “Poverty is a major cause and effect of global environmental problems.

It is therefore futile to attempt to deal with environmental problems without a broader perspective that encompasses the factors underlying world poverty and international inequality.”

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Amerigeddon is a 2016 American action film directed by Mike Norris and written by Gary Heavin. The movie describes a fictional attack on the United States by its own government, working in concert with a global terrorist organization

and the United Nations. Heavin has said that he regards the events in the film as a “very real threat”.
The movie was shot on Heavin’s Central Texas ranch and in nearby towns, and the majority of the film’s cast were recruited locally.
The movie was released on 13 May 2016.

Cass County Candidate for Judge: Mark Herman

1835 Original Seal for MichiganThis is an email exchange I received about a candidate for Judge in Cass County.

Thought this might make you smile Charlie…thank you for following thru for me!!

Rev.Steven B.Thompson,Chapter Director Benzie County NORML

I was informed that you are running against Scott Teeter and I want you to know that I and a lot of others around the state are glad. Thank you for running!! Teeter was
responsible for the murders of my close friends, Tom Crosslin & Rollie Rohm at Rainbow Farm back in Sept.,2001, and we will NEVER forget his evil deed. I am a Democrat and serve on the Executive Committee of Benzie County Democrats. I hope
you win!!
Rev.Steven B.Thompson,Chapter Director  Benzie County NORML

Oh my gosh…look at the answer I just received back, and on Rollie’s funeral day no less!!
Come on Cass County and retire this evil man from politics  PERMANENTLY!!

On Sun, 9/11/16,
Subject: Re: As a Candidate for Judge
To: “Rev. Steven B. Thompson” <>
Date: Sunday, September 11, 2016, 9:19 PM
Rev. Thompson, Thank you for your support. I agree Mr. Teter
needs to be stopped. He is not worthy to be a community leader. And for your
information, many people in the community still remember the senseless
murders at Rainbow Farm and support your view.
Thank you,
Mark Herman
Come on Cass County and retire this evil man from politics


What Really Took Place On 9/11?

1835 Original Seal for Michigan



Isn’t it rather ironic… The people who have been blamed and attacked in their country for 9/11 are now in high positions of this administration?

While the American people, as individuals, are screened, scanned, recorded, restricted, and regulated…our borders are left open for anyone to enter Into ‘Our’ country.

Since this administration has taken office the definition of ‘terrorist’ has been changed to define a patriot, the tea party, a Christian, or anyone that supports our Constitution and loves this country as a Terrorist…did you know this, if not, why didn’t you? Or did you just not pay attention?

Those that have attacked us on our soil, and continue to attack us, are now being brought to our country in massive numbers to over-whelm our cities and to the detriment of our own people.

There are now strategically placed Mosques across this country and they are jihadist training camps….do the research.

Through the Patriot Act and NDAA Americans have been stripped of their constitutional rights while those illegally brought into this country unvetted are moving about freely without the same security imposed on them, AND if a jihadist attack takes place it is covered over with new language to hide this attack.

The play on words using political correctness and the label ‘racist’ is allowing our enemies to openly attack us without recourse.

What really took place on 9/11?

Huma is always with Hillary…why?
Valerie is always with Obama…why?
This administration has openly declared he will stand with the Muslims if there is an ‘event’ which I find very odd that this statement would have been made because there should be no distinction between ‘Americans’ by the Commander in Chief should there be?
If Hillary is elected we’ll have the Muslim Brotherhood ‘staying in control’….not coming into control…but staying… Why does Obama and Hillary have Muslims as their constant companions?
Also, in the first five years of Obama’s presidency there were over 300 registered visits by Muslim brotherhood organizations…think about that! We’re betrayed at the highest levels and it will continue if the people do not take action in November…and Lord willing it will end at the polls and stay peaceful.

Final thought: Could it be there is massive blackmail taking place against the real perpetrators of 9/11…

I ask again, What really took place at 9/11?

-Bonnie Frownfelter

Immigration or Refugees – Which is it and who’s footing the bill?


People, who do you think is paying for all these refugees? Do you know the government has NO MONEY other than what we give them in our taxes? We can barely pay our own bills let alone now provide housing, utilities, health, food, and other essentials for all these refugees and ILLEGALS. Are the refugees going back to their own country as they are suppose to? Why can’t these refugees be housed in a safe place in their own countries? Ask questions, do your own research, and speak up…it is not about hating the refugees it is about doing what is right for them and US. At the very least when all these people come to America RESPECT America’s culture and assimilate. When immigrants came years past they paid for their own way and came to America and ‘produced’ something, they did not come to America for a free ride off the backs of Americans. Big difference but let us place the blame where the blame lies and that is with the CORRUPT ESTABLISHMENT POLITICIANS (at all levels of government) that is doing this for THEIR OWN GAIN as they do the bidding for the GLOBALIST AGENDA! They want all the populations to be equal in servitude and worship to them as they REIGN over us… the plantations are now called CORPORATIONS and they are global folks.  Ponder what that means for just a moment and if you care anything about your progeny join the MOVEMENT TO STOP THEM right where your at in your own community!


Attention – It’s Not Always What It Seems to be

1835 Original Seal for MichiganIt’s Not Always What It Seems To Be

Attention and please pass along.  There is a possibility that those that are rioting are people brought in directly from Africa …why you ask.  Because Soros has been trying to get Americans to riot and cannot.  They have been doing everything they can to get us to riot to no avail.
So, it is reported they are bringing people in.  People that are already conditioned for violence to continue the destruction of this constitutional Republic because full blown communism is the next step from the ‘democrat’ socialism we’ve been policed by since the coup that took place when JFK was assassinated.

If this is true, as it is reported, it would explain the limited broken English that is being used by these people.  All that is recorded the English is very poor and only a few words are being used during the violence  they are being paid to do, or whatever they are being promised.

This makes perfect since if anyone is familiar with the race wars of Africa that have taken place for years between the white and blacks. (North & South Africa)
And the open call for attacks on ‘white people’.

So please, people pass this around so the message can get out to direct the anger about this to this administration and NOT the American Africans.

Defend yourself and family yes, but we need to stay focused and keep the blame where it needs to stay….against those that are allowing this violence to be promoted and endorsed so their communism agenda can be completed.

We need to stand ready to defend but right now we need to defend, support, and promote Mr. Trump.  That is the first ‘peaceful’ solution…his daily opposition is what is perpetrating this violence against the people.

Do the research… Check out who George Soros is and what he does.
Do anything… other than say “you know and this is a lie” …if all you listen to is mainstream propaganda media because it is all owned by the ‘Eye’ at the top of the pyramid.  Ponder that for just a minute.

This is about principalities and powers …and who is going to OWN AMERICA… Almighty God’s people or His adversary along with his followers.

Prayer is the greatest weapon we have!!

Independent Poll


By: Devvy
August 15, 2016

Last week the Clinton media, that would be CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and rags like the LA & NY Times began a coordinated effort to promote a consenus that Donald Trump is toast. Unindicted serial criminal, Hildebeast Clinton, is ahead in all the polls so it’s just a matter of time until Trump does down.

The NeverTrump dogs are still at it. Yeah, they are and no one cares. The media has been all a twitter for weeks trumpeting GOP elites (that would be globalist RINOs) refusing to endorse Trump because they would rather see Clinton in the Oval Office.

Dozens of Republicans urge RNC to spend money on congressional races, not Trump: “More than 75 Republicans have signed a letter urging Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus to spend the party’s money on helping secure the Republican majority in the Senate, not on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.” Continue reading

Prayer is Power and Unity in Prayer is even more powerful!

The American people have been beguiled…a spell has been cast and it started back in the 60’s. It is time to snap out of it and step into realty of what is taking place across this country or we’ll lose our country to those that have done the beguiling…and they serve something different than “One Nation Under Almighty God.”

Prayer is power and prayer in unity is even more powerful!

—verb (used with object), be·guiled, be·guil·ing.

to influence by trickery, flattery, etc.; mislead; delude.
to take away from by cheating or deceiving (usually followed by of ): to be beguiled of money.
to charm or divert: a multitude of attractions to beguile the tourist.
to pass (time) pleasantly: beguiling the long afternoon with a good book.

Commentary to the documentary: PROJECT 22

1835 Original Seal for MichiganCommentary to the documentary: PROJECT 22

The documentary is long but well worth the watch… Veterans helping veterans when they are ignored by those they served.

America needs to wake up and start supporting our veterans in truth and the reality of what they are faced with. Our young men and women enlist to serve their country, or as in Viet Nam were drafted,…thinking they are fighting for our freedom to then be faced with the reality of what is actually going on, then not able to discuss it with their people back home because the people are so beguiled they haven’t a clue or depending on the security level are forbidden to disclose anything they were involved in.

When I was a CO and worked in a men’s max prison I couldn’t discuss it with anyone other than CO’s because the people have no idea of reality; the level of depravity human beings can sink too, but only what the mainstream media wants them to believe.
This documentary shares the hearts of our vets and the reality of what they go through when they come home because nobody understands but those that actually experienced ‘war’ and it is not about keeping America free…. Seek truth and support our vets…all of them from all the political wars they’ve been involved in through the beguiling of America….Lord bless each and everyone of you!! I know the horrors you were faced with and the decision you had to make…all can be forgiven…and after you’ve asked for forgiveness from the One that can forgive all….FORGIVE YOURSELVES…you can be set free and find joy.

Project 22

Project 22

1:41:42Video duration: 1:41:42

After tragedy struck home, two combat-wounded veterans set out to end a little-known epidemic in America–22 each day. Their 6,500-mile cross-country mission was to raise awareness of the high rate of suicide amongst Veterans and show their brothers and sisters-at-arms that there is hope for them. Daniel and Doc will stop at nothing to reach tomorrow’s twenty-two.