International Property Maintenance Code – Follow-Up

This is follow up from the International Property Maintenance Code inspection of the Pachnik private property in New Haven Michigan. The Pachniks’ own six (6) acres at the edge of New Haven and have been in a battle with the city for 5 or 6 acres.

Below is a report written by Jamie who was there to witness the inspection.

Your city planners are providing International Code for enforcement.

From: James
Sent: Friday, November 20, 2015 6:31 PM
Cc: Greg
Subject: Fwd: Enforcement of International Property Maintenance Codes of 2009

Dear Jan,

It was a pleasure to visit your lovely farm today, and to meet you and Janet. I said I’d provide feedback, so here it is.

You have established a “low footprint”, highly sustainable lifestyle in a lovely rural area to be admired. Considering your gardens and minimal outbuildings to maintain it, in my opinion, you should simply be left alone to live as you choose, as is your right.

But as a retired auditor, some things caught my attention which may deserve follow up.

1.) Your negotiations with the Township have been going on since 1997. At best, that tells me they were incompetent as administrators for the township, and likely have some alternate agenda for their delay in corrective actions, if any were required in the first place.

2.) Your lands are invisible from the road anyway, and aerial views on zillow, etc, don’t appear to represent the lands I saw today.

3.) Your “work crew” consisted of a lawyer, and a bunch of guys with videocameras who accomplished nothing, since your lawyer, “Israel” has to come check it out again anyway. Your documents weren’t even filed on time for today’s “inquisition”.

4.) The new standards, International Property Maintenance Codes 2009 are not current, supersede your occupation of the land, and likely, shouldn’t be applied to a small family farm by any rational man, living within the best intentions toward the environment, and within your rights of private property in Michigan.

5.) Why didn’t your “State Representative” know the difference between “Article 10” of the Constitution, and the 10th Amendment? There is no Article 10 in the Constitution. At best, he’s full of shit, and I was frequently offended by his use of the expletive “fuck”. Also, Gov. Snyder didn’t sign off on Michigan’s BBA last year as he stated, because Governors don’t sign off on Article V Resolutions. Who the hell was that guy?

My hypothesis: You’re being “ripped off” by your local government at a minimum. They’re dragging you through the mud, bleeding you financially, paying off lawyers, contractors, inspectors, etc., to justify their unjustifiable jobs, and eventually, pick up your land for back taxes by some central Realtor(r). Everybody knows it, except you; even the cop.

Jamie McGee


Enforcement of International Property Maintenance Codes of 2009

Enforcement of International Property Maintenance Codes of 2009

Thank you Brother and Sister,

Update: The Township Attorney has given notice to come out with their whole crew for a so called inspection. It is more than that. They will be looking to see what they plan on stealing under color of law that means the court gives them permission to take what they so desire at least on paper. We will not be planning to use force to stop them. This is not how Jesus would have it. They will also be inspecting the buildings to determine if they are in compliance of their International Property Maintenance Codes of 2009 which no one can ever comply. This is pure land grab- property grab. Please send us your phone number by email and phone call just in case something changes. The date that they plan on Trespassing under color of law Nov. 20, 2015     1 PM.  Please come at least 30 min. before they come for instruction. We will want your notebooks, video and or audio to document them crossing onto the property line, entering buildings and coming out of them. We will want to get their names and as much info. on them with pictures. Working together for the good of our Brothers and Sisters- need your support. What would Jesus Do?

Please  email & call by phone to confirm that you are coming out. Some have told me that they sent emails but no responses from us. Some emails have disappeared. So please make a phone call a.s.a.p. Need directions do call.
Please forward this email to your friends and as many as you wish.

Directions:  I94 toward Mt. Clemens, North of New Baltimore, exit 247=New Haven (Richmond) take that exit turn left which is New Haven road. about 3 miles on the same road. Go through town 25 mph. coming out of town 45 mph we are about 6 houses beyond that 45 mph speed limit sign and on the north side of the road. address is in email below. Please call and provide phone number on email that you are coming. Please. Thank you. Jan

Jan and Janet Pachnik
59736 New Haven Road
New Haven, Mi. 48048-1751

PH: 1 (586) 749-9771

ALERT! UNCONSTITUTIONAL mandated vaccines to be FORCED on our Veterans!


Our veterans can only go to VA clinics and hospitals and  due to disabilities from WAR they go for pain management medications.  This means they have to choose between their pain management medications or be injected with all the required vaccinations, which total NINETY including the Flu vaccination that has already injured children.  This is a direct attack on our Veterans because many are still injured from vaccinations/inoculations  they received during active duty.  Are they perhaps wanting to eliminate past veterans to make room for the new ones created by more WAR?  These wars are not about freedom, they are about global control.  They are created by those that have no loyalties to any nation but want to own and control this planet.  This is what “REGIME CHANGE” is really about along with Climate Change, previously known as, Global Warming.  We cannot allow them to do this to our veterans!  TIME TO SPEAK UP AMERICA!!

Hello Brother Steve,

How are you? Today I saw the post on your web site regarding U.S. Senate Bill 1203, Section 101, which requires all veterans, through the Department of Veterans Affairs, to receive mandatory vaccinates of over 90 listed vaccines of undisclosed nature. I cannot begin to tell you the height of the righteous indignation I feel right now for the members of the U.S. Senate who voted for this outrageous violation of human rights, and the discontent they show towards the free will right of any individual to manage their health care, as they ultimately see fit. Such passage of this bill is an outrage to the men and women who have served this country with honor and distinction. We are not guinea pigs for the picking to test questionably determined medical remedies.

I for one, will not stand idly by while they try to sneak this through while many are paying attention to the affairs over in France, or the G20 Summit over in Turkey. I’ve had a taste of the government’s so called inoculation programs, when in basic training at Fort Leonard Wood, I received the experimental drugs to go overseas, and within the hour after receiving such multiple shots, I was immediately rushed to the hospital, by ambulance, and in ICU, because my lungs had filled up with fluid as a result of a reaction to the “classified” materials they injected into me.

Since that time, I have dealt with respiratory issues, that require medical treatment at the VA. I am a disabled veteran. Since that day, I will no longer let them put any injections into me. I will not even allow a flu shot. There is no way anyone can tell me what it is that is in the syringe. Just because it is labeled something, doesn’t mean it is that, and frankly, from my experience, you never get to see the syringe until they are injecting its contents into the arm of the patient.

It will be a cold day before I allow this government to stick anything in my arm again. I will refuse to the point of losing my benefits or more. The US Government and the Department of Veterans Affairs are not my source. God, my Heavenly Father, and His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ are!

Every veteran, believer, and conscious American citizen, should light up the switchboard of their representatives in the U.S. House, and demand that this bill be blocked from coming to the floor, or the provisions of Sec 101, Forced Immunization, be removed. We are human beings, with rights, unalienable rights, which come from God, and God only, and we have the right to determine the best course of health care for ourselves. All veterans should unit against this wicked, evil, attempt by the U.S. Government to poison our veterans with suspect inoculations, that they have no intention of telling us, what they are.

Enough is enough! We are not the U.S. War Department’s biological test dummies! Up men, up and to your posts! Let no man, forget today, that we have sworn an oath to defend our Constitution, and to defend the rights of those, who are unable to defend themselves!

These are just my thoughts. If you wish to post this on your web-site, I ain’t scared. Enough is Enough!

Nov 16, 2015  Source:


By request we have added a “per married couple donation amount of $30.00”,  instead of the previous $20 per person.  The change has not been updated on eventbrite yet but I would appreciate it if you can let your contacts know.    Connie Lapham

Obama Needs to be Impeached

This picture pretty much sums it up as to why our GRATIOT COUNTY TEA PARTY is sponsoring a talk by JB Williams author of the  impeachment articles. Mr. Williams is  associated with the North American Law Center   and will be elaborating on the treason Obama has perpetrated on us and how exposing him will also expose those of his cabinet and the legislature who have been complicit.   Several of us in Gratiot County TEA Party have asked ourselves if we were doing all we can  to ensure that America remains a FREE Country for our children and grandchildren.  We decided that we needed to make a more concerted effort to educate fellow citizens.   Our group believes that bringing JB Williams here to speak and answer questions is a step in the right direction.

For those people who are skeptical about the timing of this impeachment and who list  many reasons why we should NOT do it—please go to this site   We have all been in that “skeptical” phase especially saying things like “its too late” and “it will never be completed before he is out of office.”.  The answers to these questions and much more information is  on the .

We are urging you to attend this important and informative event…..educate yourself, gain more knowledge, and get one step closer to preserving our nation. What do you have to lose?  The Founders pledged their lives, Their Fortunes, and their Sacred Honors. Our soldiers have given life and limb.   We are only asking a Couple hours of your time, and  $20  to defray expenses.

Additionally, MI Republican National Committeeman Dave Agema will be speaking regarding the excessive Executive Orders and the goal of “Civilization Jihad” endangering our Great Nation from continued Islamic invasion. .

Please join us in the fight to maintain our freedom!


Location:   Ithaca Community Center
120 N. Maple St.
Ithaca, MI 48847

DATE & TIME:  Tuesday, November 17th, 2015 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

The donation requested is $20.00  OR  $30.00 per married couple.   You may register at Eventbrite:     north-american-law-center-articles-of-impeachment-barack-hussein-obama-tickets-19159272901

We will also have a donation box at the door for those last minute donations.


Connie Lapham
Steering Committee Member


1835 Original Seal for MichiganThis is a great victory for our Constitution but it is sad that it even had to go to court because the violent offenders should have automatically been arrested under the assault law.  Now we’ll see if they’ll be arrested or if they’ll just be allowed to continue with their violence.  Isn’t Dearborn ruled by Sharia Law?  I do not support the tactics used by the Christians but the principle is they were told to leave when they were not the ones being violent and it infringed on their right of peaceful assembly and freedom of speech. However to have a pigs head on a pole is fomenting hatred not unity or salvation!  Very antagonistic so I question whether or not these Christians were true believers and this whole situation comes under suspicion as to whether it was staged to create future violence in the area. As I said, TRUE BELIEVERS would not have acted antagonistically because how then do you share the gospel when it is a message of love?