Michigan State Police Get ‘All Clear’ from FAA to Use Drones

Michigan State Police Get 'All Clear' from FAA to Use Drones

by Adan Salazar | Infowars.com | March 9, 2015

The state had purchased their $158,000 Aeryon SkyRanger, equipped with advanced optics and touchscreen navigation, back in September 2013 with a grant from the US Department of Homeland Security.

Police say they actually received FAA authorization on Feb. 25, and have already used the drone to help investigate the cause of a fire near the Grand Rapids area.

Police excitedly claim the aerial surveillance gear will increase public safety.

“I personally think it’s going to change how we do law enforcement,” Michigan State Police 1st Lt. Chris Bush expressed to The Detroit News earlier this year. “The quicker we can get accidents cleared, to me that’s a gamechanger for how we do law enforcement.”

But privacy advocates for years have been concerned with drone use by law enforcement, citing apprehension over domestic surveillance and the possibility that drones will someday be armed.

A report from the ACLU in 2011 detailed the organization’s contention with government drone use, claiming the technology’s powerful surveillance capabilities made them a threat to personal privacy and that the use of UAVs is ultimately unconstitutional.

“With drone technology holding so much potential to increase routine surveillance in American life, one key question is the extent to which our laws will protect us. The courts should impose limits on the use of drones for surveillance, prohibiting them from becoming pervasive,” the organization recommended.

Concerns over privacy, however, have been overshadowed by the purported need for increased security.

According to The Detroit News, “Michigan State Police officials envision eventually having multiple drones stationed around the state for emergency response.”

Per the FAA, Michigan State Police drone pilots must abide by the following restrictions:

• The drone must always be flown by a two-person crew, with one acting as the pilot and the other as a safety observer.

•  The pilot must be FAA certified.

• The unmanned aircraft system must remain below 400 feet and always be within line of sight of the crew.

• It can’t be flown near airports.

In the past, federal authorities have used surveillance drones to spy on farmers and cattle ranchers, ostensibly claiming they were monitoring pollution and land use. The feds also used drones to spy on a North Dakota family during a SWAT standoff in 2011 after six cows had wandered onto the family’s property.

An investigation in 2013 also found that the Federal Bureau of Investigations has spent more than $3 million using drones domestically since 2006.

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Published on Mar 3, 2013

A Film by Steve: Bates which took almost 9 months to make covering the multiple aspects and uses of the term, ‘consent of the governed’. Something members of the World Freeman Society have revoked by Claim of Right.

Governments, Police all operate by consent. They require your consent by acquiescence to make rulings, statutes, acts and war & taxes, all by your consent. Some things are good, we like Peace Officers keeping us safe, but do not consent to their revenue making activities. There are many good reasons to have a government, but we must remember who we are and who ‘they’ are.

We are the Public and they are the Public Servants. And when they forget that, and start treating us like their property, it is our duty to inform others, help educate and hold accountable those whose actions do not reflect the mandate we as the people demand.

“Consent Of The Governed: The Freeman Movement Defined” is nearly 3 hours long, and covers a wide range of topics that effect and hinder our human freedom when dealing with civil SERVANTS who seek to claim authority over us, so be prepared to set aside some educational viewing time … however, I promise you, it will be time well spent.

Michigan Taxes – Proposal 1


Don’t be fooled: Proposal 1 in the May 5 special election would raise the Michigan Sales Tax and the Gas Tax.

Michigan doesn’t need higher taxes to fix our roads or fund our schools. It needs less government spending elsewhere, which it could easily afford.

On Tuesday, May 5th, 2015, Michigan voters will decide whether or not to raise Michigan’s sales tax to 7%.  Supporters of the tax claim Michigan’s roads need the money — but as with the gas tax today, most of the money wouldn’t even go to roads.

In fact, Michigan government annual spending skyrocketed by $2.7 billion since just four years ago — not counting $2 billion higher in federal spending for a whopping $4.7 billion budget increase.

Yet incredibly, taxpayers are now being told by the “Powers That Be” that they need to pay an even greater share of their money, just to fix our roads and fund our schools!

It’s about one thing: more money for the politicians and special interests in Lansing.

That’s why we say:

We are Concerned Taxpayers of Michigan.

And if you’d like your taxes not to rise…

Here then, is the complete set of laws to be decided by the May 5 ballot question. If you can make sense of it all, consider running for office — you’re more qualified than most of them!Proposal 1. To be decided by Michigan voters May 5, 2015Table of Contents
House Joint Resolution UU (the constitutional amendment)
Public Act 467 of 2014
Public Act 468 of 2014
Public Act 469 of 2014
Public Act 470 of 2014
Public Act 471 of 2014
Public Act 472 of 2014
Public Act 473 of 2014
Public Act 474 of 2014
Public Act 475 of 2014
Public Act 476 of 2014

Please take five minutes to join us and help prevent higher sales and gas taxes in Michigan.

“Student Success Act” to Crush Religious Freedom, Private School Autonomy, Parental Rights

“STUDENT SUCCESS ACT” to CRUSH Religious FREEDOM, Private School AUTONOMY, PARENTAL RIGHTS: #NO on HR5   67 comments


This one is such a betrayal.

I’ve never been so shocked and angry over a proposed Congressional bill that I burst into tears.  Not until tonight.

I’d been quietly reading and taking notes on H.R. 5, “Student Success Act” (SSA) when my husband simply, offhandedly asked me how I was doing.   Though I’d been quiet, I was boiling over as I read tucked-away portions of this 600+ page bill which,  despite the local-control-touting, anti-Common Core-sounding words (on page 10 and elsewhere), is terrible. When my husband asked how I was doing, I stood up, walked to the couch and explained through my hot, angry tears what destruction and reduction of vital freedoms will take place if this bill passes:

It ends private schools’ religious freedom from government control.  It harms funding freedom in private schools.  It puts into question parental rights and control over education.  It pushes sameness of testing.  Those are just a few things.  There are more.

We have conscious deceivers in D.C. pushing this bill:  its damages are so painfully ironic.  The bill is touted specifically to “reduce the federal footprint and restore local control while empowering parents“. What a poignant lie.

If H.R. 5 passes this week, in exchange for billions in federal funding, we will be crushed in the following ways.  The federal Department of Education aims to take over:






H.R. 5  the “Student Success Act” won’t be enforced for five years– plenty of time for its promoters to plan implementation, and for the opposition to burn out, give up, to feel there’s no way to rein it in.

The bill is 600-plus-pages long but was just barely introduced this month; and it’s being fast-tracked for a vote this week.  Those whose lives will be changed by it have likely never heard of it and elected reps haven’t had time to debate intended and unintended consequences.

Would our representatives vote to pass this bill if they knew that it included such hidden away, serious damages to Americans’ freedoms?

I want to thank Ann Marie Banfield of Stop Common Core in New Hampshire, who  sent me her summary and pointed to specific paragraphs and pages in this huge bill, to focus attention on where vital freedoms are being slashed.   I have included her notes following mine.  I  invite you to verify for yourself.


A Layman’s Guide To Jury Nullification


Michigan Free De jure State  A Layman’s Guide To Jury Nullification

The last stand against tyranny takes place in the jury box.  The legislative branch may pass unconstitutional laws and the judiciary branch may uphold them.  However, the individual citizen can nullify any law via jury nullification. Learn your rights as a juror. Most likely, you will not be told about them in the courtroom! Read More here:  LINK

Jury Nullification is something you’re not told about but it is your RIGHT as jurors to implement. Of course the judges do not want you to know this because they get paid huge money for judgments processed through their courts. It is your duty to JUDGE THE LAW AT THE SAME TIME YOU ARE JUDGING THE DEFENDANT, and perhaps judge the law first if it is a constitutional law that left a “victim” in its wake.  The state can NOT be
the victim!   You have power in the JURY BOX…one of the ways to over-turn tyranny is in the JURY BOX… do not avoid jury duty..accept it and bring true justice to the people… do NOT listen to what the Judge INSTRUCTS you to do..just remember if there is “.no victim there is no crime” no matter what the facts say.  That is the foundation of our Constitution and Bill of Rights…Please watch the very informative video on a
layman’s guide to jury nullification:  LINK