"When the people in government fear the people you have liberty and peace, When the people fear
the government and all their alphabet groups and insurance  company's and lobbyist  you have
tyranny far worse than anything Karl Marx could dream of.
Its time the people come together and take their country back!!!
Tell the tyrants one more time NO!"
~ C.H. Forster
[scroll down past email addresses for the Notice.  This was sent via email first, then USPS letters, and pubished in Free Press, when contact is made it will be
updated with the information.]

in violation of their oath.

Publication Notice in the Detroit Free Press (PDF)
February 24, 2013 - March 02, 2013 in print and online   
March 22, 2013 - An email comment concerning Rep. Irwin's proposed HR 70 included in his letter above -
March 26, 2013  My REPLY directly to Representative Jeff Irwin - but all of the Michigan Congress referenced  REPLY LETTER

From: Bonnie Frownfelter  [Group A]
Sent: Thursday, February 21, 2013 1:41 PM
To: Governor Rick Snyder ; Senator John Proos; State Rep Adam Zemke ; State Rep Al Pscholka ; State Rep Alberta Tinsley – Talabi ; State Rep Amanda
Price; State Rep Andrea LaFontaine ; State Rep Andrew Kandrevas ; State Rep Andy Schor ; State Rep Anthony Forlini ; State Rep Aric Nesbitt ; State Rep
Ben Glardon ; State Rep Bill Lavoy; State Rep Bill Rogers ; State Rep Bob Genetski ; State Rep Brad Jacobsen ; State Rep Brandon Dillon; State Rep Brian
Banks ; State Rep Bruce Rendon ; State Rep Charles Brunner; State Rep Charles Smiley ; State Rep Cindy Denby; State Rep Collene Lamonte; State Rep Dale
Zorn ; State Rep Dan Lauwers ; State Rep Dave Pagel ; State Rep David Knezek ; State Rep David Nathan ; State Rep David Rutledge ; State Rep Dian
Slavens ; State Rep Douglas Geiss ; State Rep Earl Poleski ; State Rep Ed McBroom ; State Rep Eileen Kowall ; State Rep Ellen Lipton; State Rep Frank
Foster; State Rep Fred Durhal ; State Rep Gail Haines ; State Rep George Darany ; State Rep Greg MacMaster; State Rep Gretchen Driskell; State Rep Harold
Haugh ; State Rep Harvey Santana ; State Rep Henry Yanez ; State Rep Hugh Crawford ; State Rep Jase Bolger ; State Rep Jeff Farrington; State Rep Jeff
Irwin ; State Rep Jim Ananich ; State Rep Jim Stamas; State Rep Jim Townsend ; State Rep Joel Johnson; State Rep John Kivela ; State Rep John Olumba ;
State Rep John Walsh ; State Rep Jon Bumstead ; State Rep Jon Switalski ; State Rep Joseph Graves ; State Rep Joseph Haveman; State Rep Kate Segal ;
State Rep Ken Goike ; State Rep Ken Yonker ; State Rep Kenneth Kurtz ; State Rep Kevin ; State Rep Kevin Daley ; State Rep Klint Kesto ; State Rep Kurt
Heise; State Rep Lisa Lyons ; State Rep Marcia Hover Wright ; State Rep Margaret O’Brien; State Rep Marilyn Lane ; State Rep Martin Howrylak; State Rep
Matt Lori ; State Rep Mike Callton ; State Rep Mike McCready; State Rep Mike Shirkey ; State Rep Nancy Jenkins

From: Bonnie Frownfelter [Group B]
Sent: Thursday, February 21, 2013 1:41 PM
To: State Rep Pam Faris ; State Rep Pat Somerville ; State Rep Paul Clemente ; State Rep Paul Muxlow ; State Rep Pete Lund ; State Rep Peter MacGregor ;
State Rep Peter Pettalia ; State Rep Phil Cavanagh ; State Rep Phil Potvin ; State Rep Rashida Tlaib ; State Rep Ray Franz ; State Rep Rick Outman ; State Rep
Rob Vertleulen ; State Rep Robert Kosowski ; State Rep Roger Victory ; State Rep Rose Mary Robinson ; State Rep Rudy Hobbs ; State Rep Sam Singh ;
State Rep Sarah Roberts; State Rep Scott Dianda; State Rep Sean McCann ; State Rep Stacey Erwin Oakes ; State Rep Terry Brown ; State Rep Theresa
Abed ; State Rep Thomas Hooker ; State Rep Thomas Stallworth ; State Rep Tim Greimet ; State Rep Tim Kelly ; State Rep Tom Cochran ; State Rep Tom
Leonard ; State Rep Tom McMillin (TomMcMillin@house.mi.gov); State Rep Vicki Barnett ; State Rep Wayne Schmidt ; State Rep Winnie Brinks; State Rep
Woodrow Stanley ; Steven W.K.


As our elected representatives, the people of this state of Michigan present this NOTICE to all branches of Congress and local government that have sworn an
Oath to support the Constitution of the United States including the Bill of Rights and the Michigan Constitution. This notice is to let all members of congress
and local government know you are  very close, if not already in violation of the oath of office taken at the time of your employment by the people of

It would be a mistake to interpret the peoples silence prior to this notice as  acquiescence  to this repugnant UN-constitutional decree. Homeland Security
(DHS) does not have the constitutional authority to render Michigan a constitution free zone.

This unconstitutional claim of boundaries makes all of Michigan a “
CONSTITUTION FREE ZONE,”  which I’m sure the Congress of Michigan is well aware
of, and failed to fully disclose this. The people were never given a voice concerning this serious violation against their unalienable rights.   
The people of Michigan need to think about the very serious ramifications of such a claim and what this means to the privacy, liberty and freedom of the
people.  This did not just happen.  The earliest date I’m aware of according to the ACLU website is 2006, and the Michigan Congress did nothing to alert the
people or support either constitution in accordance to the oath they took to do so.  
 Map  (http://www.aclu.org/constitution-free-zone-map) included for
reference and convenience.

This is clearly and blatantly an over-stepping of power by DHS because this power has not been “delegated” to DHS by the people of Michigan. This is not
only in violation of the Tenth Amendment but also the Fourth Amendment in accordance with the Constitution of the United States and also the Michigan
Constitution Article 1 sec. 11.   
It would appear the people of Michigan are not aware their CONSTITUTIONAL IMMUNITIES have been completely stripped
from them by this 100 mile coastal border claim of HLS which makes ALL of Michigan a CONSTITUTION FREE ZONE.
 Thus the reason for this notice, of
which a portion will be published.

I hope for the protection of the people that I will have an opportunity to completely and publicly apologize to all of the Michigan Congress if there is indeed
legislation in place to nullify this DHS decree claiming ALL of Michigan is Constitution Free due to their 100 mile boundary rule.  I searched
legislature.mi.gov for legislation protecting the people of our state from this invasion of personal privacy and violation of constitutional immunities by the
national and state constitution from unlawful searches and seizures, not to mention that if our individual immunities are completely removed we are subject to
“whatever” they decide to dictate as law, but the search resulted in 0 Bills.  Could you forward me what Legislation is in place to protect the people of
Michigan from this repugnant “decree”?  

According to your Citizen Guide, page 15, it states:  “During a two-year session, the Legislature will introduce approximately 3,500 bills—700-800 of these
will become law.”   We request legislation be drafted to nullify these repugnant laws, not only from DHS, but also those powers not delegated to the Federal
Government per the Constitution of the United States, using the Tenth Amendment and the voice of the people, your employer, to do so.  It also might be time
to fully review, and start removing all laws, statues, and regulations that are repugnant to the constitution and oppressive to the people.  

It is the hope of the people, your employer, that as a member of Congress, and local government you will examine your position and motive, and will make the
right decision to honor your oath and support the Constitution of the United States, and most importantly the Bill of Rights, because it is your “defense and
protection” from a tyrannical government.  Remember, your employment is not permanent.  There are many ways to do what is wrong, but only one to do
what is right.

    Electors, (names removed for privacy, location maintained)

    Munising   Jones    Dexter    Marquette   Manistique Port Huron   Richmond    Boyne City   Swartz Creek    Kingston   Pelkie   Farmington
    Hills   Detroit   Niles     Hudson   South Haven   Saint Johns   Mancelona   Holland   Ortonville   Sterling heights   Pontiac   Everett   
    Westland  Saginaw  Owosso   Metamora   Taylor   Big Rapids   Grand Rapids   Lapeer   Walker   Mount Morris    Adrian   Walled Lake   
    Clare   Flint   Royal Oak   Elk Rapids   Three Rivers   Chesterfield   Newberry   Delton Ypsilanti  Inkster  Romulus Ann Arbor   

    We..... the people... OF THE FREE JURE STATE OF MICHIGAN

*Note*: The people that graciously have given their name above, are just the people usually known as our "grass roots" and they have graciously stepped
forward to represent the people in their area.  These people do not represent a group, organization, party,or a trust, nor do they know each other in most
cases, and these few people  certainly are not all inclusive to the grass roots people of Michigan that support this Notice, but choose to remain behind the
scene.  This is about the people stepping forward, independently of one another to let their voice be heard. Individual people exercising their constitutional
right of free speech and practicing their civic duty. Leading the way for others.

If you don't see your location above and would like it added above please
EMAIL it to me, thank you.

Some will not understand the validity of the above Notice because right now the Second Amendment is under attack, but what the people in Michigan need to
understand is that what DHS is doing is a "trial/pilot" to see if the people will accept it, and so far, since the earliest date I've seen is 2006, they think the
people have because there has not been an OUTCRY of the people, but the people don't know about this because
our employees failed to let us know.  
How can you defend the Bill of Rights that have already been rendered useless by DHS.  This is the basis for the above Notice because the people need the
Michigan Congress to stand on our Bill of Rights and make NULL AND VOID this DHS UNconstitutional DECREE.  Michigan has been a POLICE STATE
for a very long time and it needs to be DISMANTLED, and the unalienable rights restored fully and completely to the people, and the TENTH AMENDMENT
unless of course they'd like to disclose to the people of Michigan that their oath was to a corporate contract and not to the constitution of the United States.

Here is a
PDF  and DOC copy of the notice above, without my signature and location or keep it and just add your own to it, if you'd like to distribute it to
those in the Michigan Congress and/or local government, the more people they hear from in their districts the more concerned they will be to take appropriate
action to honor their oath and defend the people of Michigan. If they do not acknowledge this notice, and recognize the need to honor their oath of office and
the unalienable rights of the PEOPLE by creating constitutionally protective legislation for the people instead of creating statue, code, laws, and oppressive
regulations to benefit special interest groups and CORPORATIONS,  there is remedy according to the working Michigan Constitution, Article II:

    Sec. 8 Recalls.  Laws shall be enacted to provide for the recall of all elective officers except judges of courts of record upon petition of electors
    equal in number to 25 percent of the number of persons voting in the last preceding  election for the office of governor in the elected district of
    the officer sought to be recalled.  The sufficiency  of any statement of reasons or grounds procedurally required shall be a political rather than a
    judicial question.

As you see there are solutions, and this is only one of many, but we have to enact them, because they certainly are not going to do it to themselves!  
We...the people will prevail!

If you distribute this notice to the people please include a link to this website because it is designed to educate "We...the people", so we can take action to
make sure those we employ to represent us, do so in accordance with the law of this land, which is our Bill of Rights!  If you have the time, please return to
the top and read the quote by C.H.Forster, for if the people take this action, we'll be able to restore our constitutional de jure REPUBLIC in Michigan, then
maybe it will spill over to other states.
Thank you.
~REPUBLIC FOR MICHIGAN ~ Know who you are
"So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.
."  Genesis 1:27