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December 13,2011
I want to join the people, what do I do?  First, you could sign some papers (DSR) that makes a clear statement about who you are and your support for the de jure
(true and lawful) governance of the people, which is the law of the land, natural and common to man.  Also, if you'd like to vote or fill a position at your free de jure
state or county level you'd have to submit another document (JCO).  If you would like to stand with the people please fill out these documents an fax or email me a
copy, then put them in a safe and secure place with all your important papers. Documents needed are:   

December 10, 2011
Constitution for Michigan Update:  The rough draft is almost completed, when it is I will post it here for people to view and send comments.  The draft will be posted
soon, and remain up until the first of the year (2012).  At that time, if needed, corrections will be made, once the corrections are made it will be ready to ratify.  The
1835 constitution is the foundation because that is the very first constitution put into place when Michigan converted from a territory to a state. Here is an excerpt
from the 1835 constitution of Michigan, and it is powerful::

[beginning of excerpt]          

Political Power
First. All political power is inherent in the people.

Right of the people.

2. Government is instituted for the protection, security, and benefit of the people; and they have the right at all times to alter or reform the same, and to abolish
one form of government and establish another, whenever the public good requires it. [end of excerpt]

This 1835 constitution is being revised to change the corporate language to de jure language because Michigan has been a corporation from its inception, and
this 1835 constitution is being brought into this era addressing current issues. If there is something specific you'd like to see addressed, please
email me, thank

December 05.2011
Not sure what to do or how to get started?  Print out some resources from the resource page (scroll down for toxic info) and share with others, send them a link to
this site or others.  Meet your neighbors, talk to co-workers, check and see what is taught in your children's school, what toxic foods are in the cafeteria , sit in a
class room and listen if you have time, attend school board meetings.  Attend city, county, township meetings.  Gather data so you have the facts supported by
research.  The only way to expose the lies is to show the truth.  "We..the people" are a force to be reckoned with and remember, we are peaceful but firm, "no
more."   Taking to the streets trying to get the attention of the US CORPORATION elites is not going to fix anything.  It is "We..the people" right where we are
making the changes in our communities that is going to bring back our freedom, liberties and "Health" that we've allowed the corporations to take from us because
we didn't say, "no" and that is all we have to do, but we must do it with a unified voice peaceably at the community, local levels.  
 Email if you have questions

November 30, 2011
Congress update:  Many of the committees are diligently working to learn all they can to make the transition as smoothly as possible.  It took approximately ten
years for our republic to be transitioned out and it is thought it might take that long to transition it back in.  If we can help the people to understand what happened
and get more support the transition could go faster. So please, learn all you can and share with others.  It's starts in our communities. The people have the power
but only if they exercise it in communicating to one another face to face.  We've lost our connectedness via the  world wide web.  We've connected with the world
but don't even know our neighbor down the street.  We've lost our sense of community and while we're talking with people miles away our communities are being
taken from us and the sad part is that no one is aware of what is going on until their door is knocked on, then it is too late.  Go to the link directly below and find
out how Pinellas County, Florida won their victory and share it with others.  Be well my friend, these are very unhealthy times we live in<><

November 14, 2013 Victory: Pinellas County, Florida, to Stop Adding Fluoride(s) to Water  (Oct,2011)
Please click the link above.  It's not often these days that good news is being reported and you won't hear it on mainstream stream media (MSM) but it is
happening.  The motivated people in Pinellas County, Florida rallied together and stopped the poisoning of their community by the use of Fluoride.  They have
information on the site (link directly above) to assist others that would like to get it out of their communities.  Things are changing as more people learn the truth
and start taking action.  This is what will truly bring back our republic, when we the people "take it back in unity peaceably".  Getting fluoride out of the water supply
is not only important to the health but it is also important for people to get their "senses" back.  Fluoride was first used during WWII in the Nazi concentration camps
to placate the prisoners so they wouldn't rise up against them, and it worked so well they obediently walked right into their death chambers.  Do the's
all available online for anyone to find and there is some posted
HERE  and scroll down on the page.

October 19, 2011
On Friday, October 21, 2011 at 9 PM EST., Tad Patterson from will be having a conference call with Sheriff Mack (video of sheriff mack
can be watched on the
video resource page).  This call should be very informational and I suggest if at possible try to attend.  The call in number is
1-724-444-7444 Call ID 46256.  This is not a republic call but Sheriff Mack is an Oath Keeper and he fully supports constitutional law.  He has an association for
Sheriff's to educate them about their position as an elected official for "We...the people."  Again this call is Friday, 10/21/2011 at 9 pm EST. Try to make it if you

October 3. 2011
I'm posting this information for a press release dated 2/20/2011 from the de jure republic interim President Tim Turner.  LETTER ABOUT NON-CHRISTIAN

September 27, 2011 Notice Regarding Michigan - Repubic Congress Website Post

Notice Regarding Michigan Submitted by admin on Tue, 09/27/2011 - 13:14 Leaders in the Republic have been made aware that leadership of the de jure free
state of Michigan apparently converted the lawful structure of the Michigan covenant into a monetized trust back around February of 2011. This structure is
incompatible with the republican form of government guaranteed by the constitution for the Republic for the united States of America, and jeopardized the standing
of Michigan in the Republic union of free states. Since then, a group of concerned assembly members and elected officials from Schoolcraft County in Michigan
exposed the critical nature of this trust, and stood up to provide remedy for the situation. They removed themselves from the trust, and re-instituted a de jure form
of government, noticing the Michigan public, and national Republic officials. Several of the Michigan leaders, who were instrumental in setting up the trust, have
recently resigned from the Republic, further indicating the importance for members of the Michigan assembly to abandon the trust and re-align themselves with a
lawful inhabited state structure, that will insure standing in our Republic. We in the Republic Congress are encouraging all members to contact Bonnie Frownfelter
(, 855.556.5400), to come together and clarify what is necessary for Michigan, and its members, to be in unity with the rest of
the states.

Mark Lounsbury
Speaker of the House

September 26, 2011
De jure republic notice published in the Escanaba and Iron Mountain action paper again for second day.  First day of publication in the Manistique Advisor, it is a
weekly paper and will be printed in it for three weeks total.  

September 25, 2011  De jure republic notice published in Marquette action paper again.
Contacted today by a person in Charlevoix, that is eager to help and is actually using the de jure republic Schoolcraft amendment for a template and is going to
look at the 1835 constitution for revision.  Thank you!

September 24, 2011
De jure republic notice published in the Marquette, Escanaba, and Iron Mountain action papers.
Contacted by a person in Iron Mountain that saw the notice and is eager to stand with the people and get the word out.  Thank you!!

September 22, 2011
UPDATE: a LETTER TO THE EDITOR was printed in the Marcellus paper in Cass County in recognition of the legal notice that was published in the Marcellus
paper on September 15, 2011..



Above are links to the original constitutions (1835 and 1850) of Michigan, 1835 is the constitution that was established when Michigan became a state in the union
from a territory..

It is the original constitution for Michigan that took Michigan from a territory to a state; the problem is that Michigan has been a corporation from its inception, so,
some revisions need to be made.  It will be revised to reflect a true lawful de jure republic and in common language for our sixth to eighth grade children can read
and understand..  Please review this constitution and email me any suggestions for revision, there are some obvious things that need to be updated.  Whatever
revisions are made will be provisional until the de jure populace grows and a truer voice of the people can be heard. Any and all input would be appreciated, this is
about "We...the people" and our voice needs to be heard.  Please  

The constitution for the de jure republic for Michigan will be posted on the Schoolcraft page when it is adopted and ratified.  (Update: Schoolcraft changed to
Constitutions page)

LEGAL NOTICE printed in the Marcellus news in Cass County.
UPDATE: a LETTER TO THE EDITOR was printed on September 22, 2011.

September 8, 2011

De jure Republic notice published in the legal section of the Detroit Free Press on September 8, 9 and 10, 2011.  (Affidavit of publication)

September 5, 2011

The free men and women of the de jure republic of Schoolcraft County stood up and said, "No more. We refuse to be governed by a few, a corporation or a trust".
In jural assembly, 16 members unanimously voted to amend their county settlement document proclaiming a complete severing of all ties with the Michigan
Covenant TRUST that fraudulently portrayed themselves to be the de jure republic. They also declared all of Michigan to be one de jure republic county until such
time, each county grows a de jure republic populace and can separate from Schoolcraft.  The de jure republic county of Schoolcraft is the provisional county seat
for the de jure republic for Michigan.

April 17. 2011
Today the first county in Michigan was ratified and settled as a de jure republic for the people of the people and by the people.  18 members came together in jural
assembly to ratify Schoolcraft County as a de jure republic.  An affidavit of publication was obtained after legal notice was published for three consecutive weeks in
their local newspaper.

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"We...the people" of Michigan
have inhabited our     FREE DE JURE STATE
all history, whether man shall be allowed to govern
himself or be ruled by a small elite."
--Thomas Jefferson