"We...the people" of Michigan
have inhabited our     FREE DE JURE STATE
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March 25, 2012

The executive branch of the de jure governance submitted to congress the initial start-up budget for the first quarter of 2012, legislature reviewed and voted to pass it.  Two more
representatives were accepted into congress by  unanimous vote.

March 09,2012
The Great Seal of the State of Michigan was inspired by the seal used by the Hudson Bay Fur Company. Michigan's second governor, Lewis Cass, presented the idea to the Constitutional
Convention, and it was accepted on June 2, 1835.

At the center of the seal, there is an image of a man standing resolutely at the tip of a peninsula, watching the sun rise, his rifle ready. On either side of the shield, a majestic moose and elk stand
facing each other keeping the shield securely in place. And just above the shield, an eagle adds to the majesty. Each of these proud animals lends credence to the motto on the shield, "Tuebor",
or "I will defend". Above the eagle is the familiar motto "E pluribus unum", or "From many, one". Below the shield are the words "Si Quaeris Peninsulam Amoenam Circumspice", or "If you
seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you." And encircling all of this are the words "The Great Seal of the State of Michigan".  Reference:  

The free de jure state of Michigan has adopted the original 1835 seal as the official seal, with a slight variation.  On the left side of the elk is 1835 and on the right side of the moose is 2011,
September 05, 2011 is when the de jure was officially restored to the people in Michigan, now referred to as Michigan, free de jure state.

March 06, 2012
Good News!  Dominion Services will be assisting people in bringing their land patents forward into their name and extracting it from the defacto corporation, and registering it with national
republic records.  This service will be provided only for people of the free de jure states.  Dominion Services is a private company and their is a fee for this service. This will be updated as
more information comes in.

The Newberg township zoning was defeated 322 to 110.  The proposed county road tax was defeated also 283 to 149.   THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN!!   The polls ran out of ballots and
had to ask for more.  There was a record number of voters that turned out.  
News credited to: Isaiah

My note:   What a wonderful testimony for what can happen when the people "SHOW UP" and just say, "NO MORE."   Our free de jure state of Michigan is about the people showing up
and doing what we should have been doing all along.  They do what they do belong we've allowed them to do it.  If we allow our children to misbehave we've no one to blame but ourselves for
allowing them to be unruly and not making the corrections along the way as needed. We didn't make the small corrections as needed so our work is greater, but not impossible.

There are still several positions open in our free de jure state of Michigan that need to be filled to be fully functioning.  The most immediate need are de jure representatives for the people, a de
Jure attorney general, and a de jure state chief justice, we have a national chief justice in place.  Let's stand together and get this job done to secure the future for our children, grandchildren and
generations to come.   God bless America!  If we do our part, He'll do His part!

February 02, 2012   The Provisional Revised 1835 Constitution of Michigan is RATIFIED!!!  
The people of the free de jure state of Michigan came together in assembly and voted to ratify the de jure constitution for the free state of Michigan.  It was a
unanimous vote after making last minute corrections.  Read it

January 26,2012   Happy Birthday Michigan!!
Today marks the 175th anniversary of Michigan's statehood, on January 26, 1837, President Andrew Jackson signed the law admitting Michigan to the Union as the 26th state.  I would like to
thank "Isaiah" for this history about Michigan.

January 20, 2012
The 1835 constitution of Michigan that has been revised for the free de jure state of Michigan is finally finished and will be sent out to the de jure populace for review. It is a provisional de jure
constitution only until the de jure populace grows, then it can be revisited for amendments. Once it is ratified, it will be posted here for all to read.

January 16, 2012   ELECTIONS
A roll call vote was taken via a conference call at 8 pm. These positions were filled for the free de jure state of Michigan:

De Jure Recording Secretary/Secretary of State
De Jure State Comptroller
De Jure State Treasurer
De Jure National Chief Justice
De Jure National Senators (2)
De Jure National Representative (1)
De Jure State Governor

It was a unanimous vote for all positions. A de jure state meeting for the de jure populace will be planned for sometime in February in a central location to all.

Archived 2012 Third Quarter
Archived 2012 Second Quarter
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--Thomas Jefferson"Disarm the people, that is the best way to enslave them."  
~James Madison
"We...the people" of Michigan
have inhabited our     FREE DE JURE STATE