A Layman’s Guide To Jury Nullification

Michigan Free De jure State  A Layman’s Guide To Jury Nullification

The last stand against tyranny takes place in the jury box.  The legislative branch may pass unconstitutional laws and the judiciary branch may uphold them.  However, the individual citizen can nullify any law via jury nullification. Learn your rights as a juror. Most likely, you will not be told about them in the courtroom! Read More here:  LINK

Jury Nullification is something you’re not told about but it is your RIGHT as jurors to implement. Of course the judges do not want you to know this because they get paid huge money for judgments processed through their courts. It is your duty to JUDGE THE LAW AT THE SAME TIME YOU ARE JUDGING THE DEFENDANT, and perhaps judge the law first if it is a constitutional law that left a “victim” in its wake.  The state can NOT be
the victim!   You have power in the JURY BOX…one of the ways to over-turn tyranny is in the JURY BOX… do not avoid jury duty..accept it and bring true justice to the people… do NOT listen to what the Judge INSTRUCTS you to do..just remember if there is “.no victim there is no crime” no matter what the facts say.  That is the foundation of our Constitution and Bill of Rights…Please watch the very informative video on a
layman’s guide to jury nullification:  LINK

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