1835 Original Seal for Michigan

To me, it means the laws of this nation should align with God’s laws, and our founding documents do. Our Republic was based on biblical principle thus the reason we have, “One Nation Under God.”


ALL laws for this nation should be based on biblical principle, as it used to be before the falling away. The Holy Bible was the foundation of our country and what our Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence are founded on as well as earlier historic documents, such as the Magna Carta.

These principles were practiced by most of the people and made our country a safe and prosperous place to live. This is why people from other countries left their families and most of their belongings to migrate to America, land of the free and home of the brave where everyone had an opportunity to prosperity and happiness. When they arrived they were eager to learn our language and adapt to our culture. They were proud to become Americans.  Unlike what is taking place today with the illegals and refugees that are coming and being brought here demanding we bend to their culture, and we learn their language and fly their flag!

Our schools started the day with prayer to Almighty God in the name of Jesus. The Ten Commandments were posted in the schools to learn. Parents and teachers worked together to correct poor ethics in our children, as did neighbors. Our schools were safe and our children were disciplined and smart. Life was good. People were prospering, health was good and crime was down because the people “self-governed” so there wasn’t a need for an over-inflated police force and the federal government was still constitutionally small and exercised minimal power over the states because the states were constitutionally in control over the federal government.

What happened?

After WW II our government, unbeknownst to the people brought

the Nazi scientist to this country. All the experimentation that was done in Germany by the Nazis came with them and started to be implemented in this country.  Starting with the fluoride implementation to our community water. They learned from the experimentation in the Nazi prison camps that giving fluoride to the prisoners created complacency to such an extreme degree that they would willingly walk into the death showers.

The fluoridation of the water began right here in Grand Rapids, MI.  Michigan was also the first pilot program for the police state to be implemented. You see Michigan has been a democratic state for a very long time due to its industry, big money, and big power. Democracy is deceptive and not what our founders created; a Republic is what Benjamin Franklin said they gave us, not a two party system.  That was put in place for division and control, but I won’t go further down this trail because this is not the reason for this message.

What really happened is this. We failed to defend our Lord and Savior, Almighty God; you see the Father and Son are one. We not only failed to defend His biblical principles but we walked away from them and as we did through the generations we stopped governing ourselves and crime escalated and continued. As crime flourished so did law enforcement and government. Government replaced Almighty God because government nurtured the natural sin nature of the flesh. So freedom, liberty, and security in person and property were exchanged for unrestrained lust of the flesh and this is when America began to fall. It’s been a low progression through the generations of indoctrination that has finally reached a level of debauchery that clearly visible for all to see that has a heart to see and the ability to discern truth. We’ve exchanged truth for the lie on all levels.

Legislation after legislation the ungodly began to strip all traces of Almighty God from our public institutions and the people allowed it. The outcry should have been so loud it could have been heard all the way to Heaven.

Then we turned our children over to them without paying attention to what they were conditioning them for. Today most of our children do not know anything of the founding of this country but have actually been indoctrinated to accept and defend a socialist/communist state.

We went from letting the state take prayer and the Ten Commandments from our schools all the way to allowing the satanic bible to be allowed in them, and now they can pray to Allah but not Almighty God or read His Holy Word in school.

We’ve allowed them to strip our children of their primary education and in place teach them that abortion is good, two mommies is normal as well as two dads is what a family unit is, even though in their heart children know this to be wrong because God writes His law in every heart so we are without excuse, and young children know this law better than their parents because their heart isn’t hardened to it yet.

The Nazi scientist knew that if you teach a child what goes against God’s natural law that it would confuse them and shut down the ability to learn, thus the beginning of the dumbing down of our children.  This is what common core is intended to do and why there are so many ill behaved children in the classroom, but not to worry because then they can be labeled ADHD or ADD which funds another toxic industry, the pharmaceutical companies.

If this wasn’t bad enough we then said that babies have no value and is a problem for the mother so they are killed in the womb, which should be the safest place for a baby to be. We murder our most innocent and vulnerable and then give an outcry at the thought of a convicted murderer getting a death sentence.

I remember when abortions were made legal and I’ve witnessed what it has done to our society, but more importantly what it has done to our children!  When they see adults cold heartedly support the killing of little babies what message does this send our children about the sanctity of life and their security to be loved and protected…. valued?  The destruction of God’s creation is being carried out and we stand by and do nothing…. but yes…One Nation Under God…yes indeed.

We’ve allowed ourselves to become so corrupt with our own fleshly desires that we forget our children.  We’ve exchanged the blessings and protection of Almighty God for the pleasures of this world and we are now paying for it in the complete destruction of the family unit and our liberties.

We either need to return to biblical principle or we need to remove this lie that is offensive to Almighty God…we are now living in a nation that is allowing Almighty God to be rejected in all facets of our lives as is reflected in the laws, statutes, codes, regulations, and restrictions on our liberties and more that are taken away almost on a daily basis now. They stripped Almighty God from all public offices and positions and now they want to strip Him from our private lives as well.

Christians are being murdered by the thousands around the world and not a word from anyone, not even the churches, but wait didn’t the church teach that the martyrdom of Christians wasn’t supposed to take place until AFTER the rapture? Why do you suppose this would be taught?  Perhaps so Christians would be lulled into sleep thinking they don’t have to worry because they’ll be taken up before it gets really bad.  It is bad now, Christians are beheaded monthly and just another tidbit the pygmies of the Congo are hunted and eaten for food like they are animals and they are HUMANS. They are now being told of the gospel of Jesus Christ and I believe they just may be the last tribe for all to have had a chance to be told of the good news and be saved before Christ returns in the clouds of glory.

So, my friend, how much worst does it have to get? Fortunately here in America we’ve been spared but that is about to change because we’ve walked away from the blessing of protection from God Almighty through Christ Jesus, and have embraced the curse of Baal.

I cannot pretend all is well just because it doesn’t effect me directly because you see I’ve watched our country slide into moral decay in just the 60 years that I’ve been here and a witness to it. I now know how the enemy works and it is bit by bit over the generations and by writing history for the next generation to learn.  I’ve seen the lies, the corruption and the revolving door of politicians that never leave DC they just put on a different hat, but all remain.

Our society has fallen into such degradation from the restraint of biblical morals and principles being removed that our young children with our permission are now being sexualized in kindergarten for those that take pleasure in them. Most children have to care for their parents these days, and are not allowed the security and protection comes from agape love. They cannot safely and freely play outside like my generation or that of my children were able to, and by doing this they learned to be creative critical thinkers. Sadly, we have a couple of generations now that have no knowledge of this wonderful secure and carefree way to grow up.

In place of self-governance we’ve created a police state for our protection that is protecting nothing but we remain in the illusion all is well as our liberties and rights are taken from us one by one. One nation under God… when we were… He protected us and crime was not rampant.

We are taxed to the point of poverty and the ungodly government is increasing the taxes continuously and making new taxes, as they need more money to fund their lusts and to keep the people poor and dependent. We’re being made to subsidize illegals that are flooding our states and are given more liberties and better benefits than the people that are working for those benefits.

No, America if we’re not going to right this ship then we need to stop pretending and disgracing Almighty God with such a statement as, “One Nation Under God”… because it certainly isn’t the God of Abraham, Isaac, or Jacob, Father of Christ Jesus, the great I AM.

The god of DC is visible for all to see and like it or not abortions are their sacrifice for luciferian worship, a liken it to the days of old when mothers would throw their babies into the fire of Baal. It’s the same sacrifice just a modern technique that generates billions for them. God Almighty is still in control and He hears the blood of these innocent wee ones crying out.  He is patient and long-suffering but time is running out for His people to repent.  This is not expected of the ungodly, not all will enter the kingdom of Heaven, but it is expected of those that belong to Him. The below scripture tells us that He is quick to forgive:

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

(2 Chronicles 7: 14 KJV)

If we don’t humble ourselves, repent, and pray then judgment is going to come to our land and it has already started.

As in the day of Noah so it will be in the coming of the Son of Man…  the Lord provided an ark and it took Noah over a hundred years to build it and in all that time the ones that escaped the flood was Noah and his family along with all the beast the Lord brought to the ark to survive.  God always provides an escape, a safe haven for His people.  Noah’s ark was the OT plan of escape, the refuge from what was coming on the earth and He has provided another ark for what is coming on this earth in these last days.

The ark provided by the NT is the blood of Christ Jesus.  As the Hebrews were to put lambs blood on there door post so death would Passover before Moses was able to lead God’s people from bondage in Egypt, we are to be covered by the blood of Christ. The Lord has made provision for all that will accept the covering of this redeeming blood but one must be humble, repent, and ask for it.  He gives freely to all who ask.  Many will perish in their rebellion but those that receive the covering of salvation will be protected and provision will be made so do not fear.  These things must come to pass before Christ returns as King, the first time He came to serve and save the world this time He will come in the clouds of glory as King and to rule for a thousand years before the final judgment, please do not be caught unaware and naked of the shed blood of Christ and His Holy Spirit. Lord bless you, and let’s make this truly “One Nation Under God Almighty” again and restore our constitutional Republic!

Bonnie Frownfelter ND







What happened?

Well after WW II our government, unbeknownst to the people brought

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