“……Stupid Strategy 101 ~Josh Tolley

“……Stupid Strategy 101 ~Josh Tolley

“The reality is the best way to preserve liberty is locally…so if you know Trump’s in the race but you don’t know who is running for local sheriff you have a problem.  If you know that Walker is making a run on Trump or Sanders is challenging Hillary and you don’t know who is running for county executive you have a problem.  The reason why DC gives us such a headache is because we don’t take control of our counties…there’s about 3600 counties in this country…if we had liberty reigning in 1500 of them it doesn’t matter what comes out of DC.  DC’s essentially neutered…but because we don’t and because 5% turn-out on a local issue or for a local candidate is considered awesome and stellar …well we need look no further than ourselves in a lot of these cases to realize why voting has become a waste…because we focus on DC where they control the field…….you never fight a battle on a field the enemy designed that’s just dumb.  That’s stupid strategy 101. So to think you’re going to take back this nation by winning DC just show how out of touch we are and where and what we really have to do to secure liberty.  ~Josh Tolley  Link

Secure local community first!

Do You Know That Being An Entrepreneur Can Help Restore Our Republic?

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Do You Know That Being An Entrepreneur Can  Help Restore Our Republic?

How can becoming an entrepreneur restore our Republic?  Well, let’s think about this for a moment.  What is our greatest threat?  If you said global corporations you are correct.  Why are they a threat?   Well,.because they control supply and demand globally and pay those that make laws to impose regulations on the people that support their corporations and kill their competition, which is local community businesses.  They can set the laws that control every aspect of our lives, and they do. It is also self-preservation for them.

Being an employee keeps us slave to our employer.  It dictates when we go to work, how long we work, and how much we bring home.  This is not always a bad thing if you are employed by a small business in a local community,or a corporation with integrity, but if you’re working for a global corporation then you are subject to their bottom-line and that corporation dictates to you because you are just a number that can be replaced when there is a change in their bottom-line or a “regime change.”  Regime change means a change in the political ideology of the upper corporate management.

Do these corporations pay good, of course they do but what happens when they downsize?   They start laying off their higher paid employees to bring in new younger employees at a lower wage, but you are still slave to the debt accumulated from that higher wage, that doesn’t go away just because the job does.  This can be seen in all the foreclosured homes which are due to loss of jobs, and the unemployment rate climbs as global corporations continue to make changes with no regard to those they employ even though they are making billions of dollars and have more than anyone needs in one lifetime, but it is about power and control.

Daily more jobs are being lost as global political posturing is ramped up with the TPP.  This is the vulnerability of working for a global entity if you are not at the top of the pyramid globally you are expendable, not to mention that many of these global corporations are also importing their people for these jobs because they work at a reduced rate.

When the “New Deal” first came into being it was thought to be wonderful but what wasn’t taken into account is that we still had a huge base of small businesses across this country. It has squashed many of these businesses and now a couple of generations later most of the small businesses have been regulated out of business by design, especially the family farming industry.  They’ve repeatedly been attacked by the global agricultural corporations.

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Treaties Do Not Supersede the Constitution – VERY IMPORTANT!

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Treaties Do Not Supersede the Constitution


The following qualifies as one of the greatest lies the globalists continue to push upon the American people. That lie is: “Treaties supersede the U.S. Constitution”.

The Second follow-up lie is this one: “A treaty, once passed, cannot be set aside”.

HERE ARE THE CLEAR IRREFUTABLE FACTS: The U.S. Supreme Court has made it very clear that

1) Treaties do not override the U.S. Constitution.
2) Treaties cannot amend the Constitution. And last,

3) A treaty can be nullified by a statute passed by the U.S. Congress (or by a sovereign State or States if Congress refuses to do so), when the State deems a treaty the performance of a treaty is self-destructive. The law of self-preservation overrules the law of obligation in others. When you’ve read this thoroughly, hopefully, you will never again sit quietly by when someone — anyone — claims that treaties supercede the Constitution. Help to dispell this myth.

“This [Supreme] Court has regularly and uniformly recognized the supremacy of the Constitution over a treaty.” – Reid v. Covert, October 1956, 354 U.S. 1, at pg 17.

This case involved the question: Does the NATO Status of Forces Agreement (treaty) supersede the U.S. Constitution? Keep reading.

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