1835 Original Seal for MichiganALERT…WARNING…READ CAREFULLY!



This is extremely dangerous folks, please read it carefully before you serve this quo warranto on your local government officials.  This states “debt forgiveness” so many will jump at the chance for relief from debt but be forewarned that in so doing you will be implementing SHARIA LAW in your community.  Think long and hard about this.  It is my understanding that the area of the united State of America that this is coming from has a high percentage of Muslims.  This is a very deceptive way to implement Sharia Law for NORTH AMERICA.

The corruption is so deep now in this country and around the world nobody should contemplate changing our original founding documents.  They just need to be implemented, do not fall for the lies that they are inferior, if they are why are they desperately attempting to change them?  A dear friend sent this to me inquiring as to whether it is good or not, my answer “no” for all the reason above.  Thank you “Tonz” for bringing this to my attention!  Also I left a comment on the blog asking where in our documents does it mention “Islamic State”. That was yesterday and as of today it still has not been posted, and there are no other comments but it appears to allow comments.

Freedom; 1787 Constitutional Republic Now Lawfully Restored!

We The People, Sheriffs, and Larry Klayman,

.Freedom; 1787 Constitutional Republic Now Lawfully Restored!

This is from Ernest S. Rauthschild himself from a 14 page DECLARATION – QUO WARRANTO !
This is ALL you need to take action to get our Republic back, and it may have been why Congressman Boehner resigned as he knew it was coming on the 29th!
The ‘Discharge for Debt’ with 12 USC 411, and 95a(2) can now be used at your bank or credit union to clear your mortgage and other loans or file criminal charges on them as they used your Signature, if you just show them this Quo Warranto!

It mandates that the Government Corporations of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. hand over everything that they have taken since the 1787 Constitution and Restore it the way it was, with the Natives then in control!

For those that are reading the Quo Warranto then you can see that much of it is true and you just need to take this to your Sheriff to Comply with it, and if ANY Government Official declares any portion of it is lies then have them Criminally Charged for them saying the Corporations do NOT exist and for them to prove it in court, and not the BAR court as the Judge will dismiss the case!

Here is the DECLARATION – QUO WARRANTO that gives you all the details of what has happened in the last 228 years and more, for this to be handed to ALL Government Officials, primarily the Sheriff and Provost Marshall, for them to take actions on it even if people claim that Rauthschild was misspelled on it as I don’t see that it can be tossed out of any court except to say that the Holy Bible is ALL ‘Frivolous’!

The United States of North America | Islamic States    [EMPHASIS MINE]…

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