Ask your state Representative and Senator to support House Bill 4847

1835 Original Seal for MichiganA MESSAGE FROM GREG….

We were not surprised at the actions of our constitutionally bankrupt state. Until more people see and understand what is happening, nothing will change.
Today we plead with our legislators…
Please… Don’t search my home, car, email, or person without a warrant!
Please… Don’t take away my right to keep and bear arms!
Please… Don’t confiscate my legal, private property!
Please… Don’t force me into government healthcare!
Please… Don’t nationalize and militarize our local police!
Please… Don’t indoctrinate my kids with socialism, perversion, and Satanism!
Please, Please, Please … and the list goes on and on and on.
We are now living in a KINGDOM and can only plead a case in front of one of the KINGDOMS JUDGES without a jury!
Thank you for posting, you are one who understands the attack on our freedom and is doing something about it. Thank you for all you do.

One other thing you can do.   
Ask your state Representative and Senator to support House Bill 4847
House Bill 4847 would allow anyone bring a cause of action against the state the right to bring that suit in the County of origin and have that case heard by a jury or to have the case heard by an appointed judge in Detroit, Lansing, Troy or Grand Rapids at the court of claims.
A number of options exist and still considering, will keep you posted.
Drifting from the Constitution is how one gets lost in a sea of tyranny.

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