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Question: Is Mark Baker the pig farmer that was raided for having feral pigs, and they killed all the pigs?

Answer:  No, he held his ground, they did not enter and he took them to court. A couple weeks before the trial was to begin they issued him a $700,000 fine. Then about a week before the trial they offered to drop the fine if he would drop the case. He SAID NO WAY we are going to court. Then the state filed a motion to have the case dismissed because there was no long a controversy, his pigs were legal. So if you want to buy the only legal “feral” pig in Michigan, I am sure Mark will sell you one.

Remember when the Constitution stands mute no authority has been given. The only place in the MI constitution where legislative authority is given over property is Art X sec 5  § 5 State lands.
Sec. 5. The legislature shall have general supervisory jurisdiction over all state owned lands useful for forest preserves, game areas and recreational purposes; shall require annual reports as to such lands from all departments having supervision or control thereof; and shall by general law provide for the sale, lease or other disposition of such lands.

Then PA 451 of 1994

In this case the Dept. Is the DNR   but is any principle department of state so ordered by the Governor.
324.503 Duties of department; powers and jurisdiction; volunteers; granting concessions;
lease and sale of land; reservation of mineral rights; sale of economic share of royalty
interests; definitions.

Sec. 503. (1) The department shall protect and conserve the natural resources of this state; provide and develop facilities for outdoor recreation; prevent the destruction of timber and other forest growth by fire or otherwise; promote the reforesting of forestlands belonging to the state; prevent and guard against the pollution of lakes and streams within the state and enforce all laws provided for that purpose with all authority granted by law; and foster and encourage the protecting and propagation of game and fish. The department has the power and jurisdiction over the management, control, and disposition of all land under the public domain, except for those lands under the public domain that are managed by other state agencies to carry out their assigned duties and responsibilities.
324.301 Definitions.
(i) “Public domain” means all land owned by the state or land deeded to the state under state law.

When a government becomes constitutionally bankrupt, it is time for the people to foreclose!
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