International Property Maintenance Code – Follow-Up

This is follow up from the International Property Maintenance Code inspection of the Pachnik private property in New Haven Michigan. The Pachniks’ own six (6) acres at the edge of New Haven and have been in a battle with the city for 5 or 6 acres.

Below is a report written by Jamie who was there to witness the inspection.

Your city planners are providing International Code for enforcement.

From: James
Sent: Friday, November 20, 2015 6:31 PM
Cc: Greg
Subject: Fwd: Enforcement of International Property Maintenance Codes of 2009

Dear Jan,

It was a pleasure to visit your lovely farm today, and to meet you and Janet. I said I’d provide feedback, so here it is.

You have established a “low footprint”, highly sustainable lifestyle in a lovely rural area to be admired. Considering your gardens and minimal outbuildings to maintain it, in my opinion, you should simply be left alone to live as you choose, as is your right.

But as a retired auditor, some things caught my attention which may deserve follow up.

1.) Your negotiations with the Township have been going on since 1997. At best, that tells me they were incompetent as administrators for the township, and likely have some alternate agenda for their delay in corrective actions, if any were required in the first place.

2.) Your lands are invisible from the road anyway, and aerial views on zillow, etc, don’t appear to represent the lands I saw today.

3.) Your “work crew” consisted of a lawyer, and a bunch of guys with videocameras who accomplished nothing, since your lawyer, “Israel” has to come check it out again anyway. Your documents weren’t even filed on time for today’s “inquisition”.

4.) The new standards, International Property Maintenance Codes 2009 are not current, supersede your occupation of the land, and likely, shouldn’t be applied to a small family farm by any rational man, living within the best intentions toward the environment, and within your rights of private property in Michigan.

5.) Why didn’t your “State Representative” know the difference between “Article 10” of the Constitution, and the 10th Amendment? There is no Article 10 in the Constitution. At best, he’s full of shit, and I was frequently offended by his use of the expletive “fuck”. Also, Gov. Snyder didn’t sign off on Michigan’s BBA last year as he stated, because Governors don’t sign off on Article V Resolutions. Who the hell was that guy?

My hypothesis: You’re being “ripped off” by your local government at a minimum. They’re dragging you through the mud, bleeding you financially, paying off lawyers, contractors, inspectors, etc., to justify their unjustifiable jobs, and eventually, pick up your land for back taxes by some central Realtor(r). Everybody knows it, except you; even the cop.

Jamie McGee


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