David vs Goliath – Trump vs. Establishment

David vs Goliath – TRUMP vs. ESTABLISHMENT

Many of us know this biblical history lesson from yesteryear.
One of the lessons to be learned from this history lesson is how David was able to defeat Goliath, the Philistine giant that could not be conquered by all of Saul’s army.  The people were ‘terrorized’ by this Philistine Giant called, Goliath.

When David, a simple shepherd boy came forward to fight Goliath he was laughed at.  None of Saul’s trained men would go up against Goliath because those that did never returned.  David served Almighty God and feared Him alone.

Saul told them to give this boy his armor to wear so he at least had a chance.  The armor was brought to David and it was put on him but it was heavy, cumbersome, and was not natural to him.  He took it off and told them he could not fight with this armor.
Saul’s men thought certain death would befall David.
David went out to meet Goliath with his simple sling in hand …and praise to Almighty God upon his lips… He let the stone fly and it landed right between the eyes of Goliath and down the giant went…David ran to him and drew Goliath’s own sword and took off his head to assure  he was destroyed.  Victory from terrorism and songs of praise were sung to Almighty God for he delivered them!

Why do I tell you this story…because in this modern era Trump is David taking on Goliath, the System (Establishment).  

Trump is going against them with his slingshot of TRUTH and in plain language instead of the political correctness that is expected by the Goliath Establishment.

Our society has been weighted done with corruption and crime that has been hidden behind self-censoring created by political correctness.

We’ve been conditioned by the massive and never-ending tentacles of this Goliath system that if we don’t speak the language of the ‘Hive Mind’ we are to be persecuted against because our language is not continuing their illusion of utopia.

Trump is taking the stone of truth and casting it at the eye of Goliath’s deception to bring it down, but he cannot do this himself.  He knows he needs the guidance of Almighty God so he reached out to the evangelical community… And he also understands that constitutionally he needs “We… the people” in force exercising our constitutional liberty and power at the election polls.

The stone of truth has left the sling but now the sword of the people need to take off the head of tyranny by beheading this corrupt criminal system at the polls.
Do your research seek truth… Because it is truth that will set us free!

~Bonnie Frownfelter

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