The Main Goal – Taking Down America

There are two dominant ideologies or belief systems that are attempting to conquer the world for the Global New World Order agenda.  And it would appear they have now joined forces to complete the final steps for complete dominance over all living things on this planet.

Who is doing this?  A handful of families that already control all commerce, and all corporations.  Wealth and power is not the main goal, those are only the fringe benefits from their master.

They were offered the world as Christ Jesus was, but instead of rejecting it, they accepted the offer, and for this global wealth and power they have to destroy all evidence of Almighty God. That is the ultimate goal in all that is done.  How can this be accomplished, continue reading.

The two forces are the Jesuits and Islam Jihadists and this plan has been moving incrementally forward in our country for decades, possibly all the way back to the early 1700’s,  and it is now coming to a climax.

This election will be pivotal in the complete take down of this constitutional Republic or the opportunity to begin to restore our Republic and Almighty God to His rightful place over this land.

What has stood in their way, “A Strong America”… A moral, virtuous people that adhered to rule of law equally to all people, with no distinction between class, position, race, religion, etc and  in accordance with Almighty God’s law first and secondly our Constitution and Bill of Rights. A self-governing people anchored in Christian principles, values, and faith with sound common sense and wisdom along with ARMS to protect those liberties given us by our Creator, Almighty God!

For the globalist agenda to succeed America had to be weakened by dividing her people…how was this accomplished?

Break down the strong family unit by shutting down businesses that provided a good living for the Father of the house to provide for his family and the need to reduce the size of the family.

Make it impossible for the family to survive on one income sending the mother into the work place and children into state funded daycare.

Capture the state educational system  indoctrinate the children to operate on emotion instead of logic and common sense, indoctrinate them to go along to get along instead of being the critical thinker and problem solvers this country use to produce. Remove all modesty between the genders and promote promiscuity and perversion as early as possible.

Capture and control all media outlets so all information is controlled and managed to ‘program’ the minds of the masses.  Desensitize and condition through controlled entertainment to create a ‘hive mind.’  Create entertaining apps to occupy and program children at a young age.

Create new words and change the definition of other words to direct the emotions of the population.  Political correctness can be compared to a ‘herding dog’, it’s  purpose is to move the herd in the direction it needs to go so they can enter the ‘pen’ with the gate closed behind them.

Weaken the people’s health using ‘bio-warfare’ against them by polluting their water with toxic fluoride,
spray chemical aerosols of barium, aluminum, and bacteria into the atmosphere,
include known toxic additives to their food and
advertise toxic medications on TV so they can self-diagnose and go to their legal drug pusher to get their medication of choice.

Continually develop toxic poisonous vaccinations and demand parents vaccinate their children under threat of losing their child,

Create division by introducing and proclaiming the unnatural to be natural.  Belittle and label those that do not accept this perverse lifestyle and allow court actions to be taken against them.

Over-whelm communities by opening the borders and allowing all to enter regardless if they share the same value, principles or ideology of the nation, no longer have a set of guidelines to becoming a citizen such as learning the language,

Move industry to other countries to shut down jobs and create a huge welfare state so people depend on the government to feed them,

Create constant fear by unleashing and promoting violence against them so they cry out for a militarized police force for protection,

Then pay groups to protest and riot because of the militarized excessive police force,

Create vigilante style attacks against the community police officers to create more division,

Deny medical attention and benefits to the loyal patriot veterans and label them with PTSD to load them up with numerous drugs, that then, removes their constitutional right  to keep and bear arms, and thus incapable of defending their country against domestic tyrants,

Change the rules of engagement to assure the enemy has power an advantage over the people’s military,

Humiliate the people’s military around the world and create a ‘shadow’ foreign military standing ready to defeat the people’s military.

Declare a War on drugs and terror against the people all the while being the perpetrators of these drugs and terror,

And lastly…the most important of all:


3 Step Program used:
First: Social Justice
Second: Socialism
Third: Communism

Take the people into ‘social justice’ (democracy). Then introduce socialism, which we’ve been in for decades now (since the 60s when laws of Almighty God were rejected), and we are about to enter into communism depending on who is elected in November.
If the people will knowingly accept and elect a known lying criminal that is openly supporting and promoting all the Marxist Rules taught by Saul Alinsky then what will follow will be something Americans are not ready for, as no nations people ever are.

We do not know with certainty which direction Trump will take, but we know with absolute certainty where Hillary will take us and it will be this administration on steroids.  If you have children and/or grandchildren think long and hard about this and especially if you’re a servant for our Lord Christ Jesus because this is a direct attack to Almighty God’s people and our right to serve our Lord openly as we’ve always had the liberty to do and thus the importance of our Constitution and the need to uphold our founding documents that created our constitutional Republic…One Nation Under Almighty God… Which is not a “System” and was never intended to be a system.

Allah is not Christ Jesus, and those that would say Allah and Almighty God (Christ Jesus) are the same are ‘liars’ and belong to their father of lies.  Do not believe them.  This battle is one of ‘principalities and powers’.  It is Christ Jesus that makes the difference whether someone is teaching a false gospel because Christ Jesus was Almighty God that came in the flesh!  Thus there is no other name that stirs up so much passion or wrath.

Seek truth in all things…it will set you free…and the key to “heal our land”…
“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”
‭2 Chronicles 7:14 KJV‬

~Bonnie Frownfelter