Second Amendment Under Attack Again

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Quote Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto as saying: “You cannot invade mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass.”

There is much confusion or downright ignorance that surrounds our Second Amendment. Many people believe guns are only for hunting while others carry them for self-defense. Sadly way too many believe this right to bear arms comes from the government.  All three are wrong.

Everyone hunted for food in those days they did not have a drive-thru for a burger so hunting was the intent of the Second Amendment but a given.  Next self-defense was also a given because there weren’t all the courts or police force in those days either so what then was the intent of our founders to not only give us the right to keep and bear arms but it was second on the list showing its importance?

Our Second Amendment was put in place by our Founders because they had just fought a war to free themselves from a tyrannical government.  That is the main purpose of our right to keep and bear arms, the right to defend ourselves from a tyrannical government, and how do you recognize a tyrannical government?  One way is when they continue to regulate and tax. Gun laws to continuously try and DISARM the people.  That is exactly what our government has been trying to do for the past several decades.Our sovereign rights come from our Creator, Almighty God not the government.  Our founding documents: The Declaration of Independence, Constitution, & Bill of Rights are to SECURE those rights.  So every time a new law or regulation is put into place against our Second Amendment its a death by a thousand cuts and Congress is acting treasonous against the American people.  It is non-negotiable and they do not have the constitutional authority apart from outright tyranny to disarm the American people, thus another reason we keep and bear arms.

Also, we have the right to bear arms that equal the same firing power that our enemies have – power to power and not a single shot rifle against their military style arms.

The state has managed to erase this information from our populace in their state indoctrination facilities more commonly known as ‘public education’.

Another fact for the people or as the Second Amendment states ‘militia’ to be well armed is to thwart a would be invasion.  If you noted the above quote our mainland was not attacked because they feared there would be a gun behind every blade of grass and it is true there would have been especially at that time in history because most all of the population had an arm, even in the cities.

In 2007 Homeland Security created a 100 mile in-land CONSTITUTION FREE ZONE around our nation so we now have Alien Invaders on our soil and it is reported we have ‘alien gangs’ in about 44 states now and thousands of Mosque that are actually Islam Jihadist training centers.  The congressional traitors within are desperately attempting to disarm the American people for the final take-down of our Republic which would remove our sovereignty as a nation and people…what this mean?  We become serfs which is a person(s) in a condition of servitude, required to render services to a lord, commonly attached to the lord’s land and transferred with it from one owner to another.

In other words we become SLAVES, the very thing the Leftist, BLM, Antifa, et. al claim to be fighting against.  They are the useful idiots that have been completely indoctrinated to the communist/marxist ideology from the Weathermen Underground that was rioting in the 60’s.  They infilterated higher education and are the liberal progressive professors in the universities today that indoctrinated the teachers for lower education or more correctly indoctrination.

All of these are the same ideiology: liberals, progressives, nazis, lefist, democrats, antifa, blm, islam, communist, marxist, facist, socialist totalitarian, technocrat, feminist, lgbt, Stalinist, Satanist,black panthers, kkk, et al. and they all are working to destroy our Republic which was put in place for We…the people to have liberty and be free of tyranny to worship our Lord & Saviour Christ Jesus.  Yes we were founded on biblical principles and values because that is where peace and freedom flows from and what made America truly great.  It was the Republic rule of law that allowed so many diverse cultures to come together in peace.  Equal rights for all people and this is what we need to return to by completely restoring our constitutional representative Republic.

We do not want war but I fear the next WW could be fought on our own soil if people do not understand the enemy within to stand against it.  It’d be much better to fight with our voices as long as we can to hopefully avoid having to speak with our ARMS!

God forgive us our sin and bless America once again

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