New flight being added from Sawyer in 2018-U.P.

New flight being added from Sawyer in 2018 Upper Peninsula

K.I. SAWYER, Mich. (WLUC) – There’s good news for travelers looking for more options to fly from Sawyer International Airport.

The airport is going to be adding another morning flight back to Detroit. Sawyer applied for a $225,000 grant through the Department of Transportation. The new flight is expected to be added in the spring.

“We do a supply and demand method of pricing our tickets,’ said Airport Manager Duane Duray. “So as our planes fill up, the prices will increase. So with flying out of Sawyer, you need to plan ahead. Pre-plan or book your flights early, if at all possible.

Sawyer currently has three round trip flights per day between Chicago, Detroit, and Minneapolis utilizing Delta and American Airlines.

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