Fresh Look & New Functions Coming!

Hello and Happy New Year to all,

With this New Year we have a new look to reflect the return of our constitutional representative Republic.

President Trump in numerous speeches has given our Republic back to:

State of Michigan ~ Sovereign Republic

He has done what he can do as our President but he cannot ‘dictate’ us back to our Constitutional Republic, it will be up to We People to stand up and ‘take it back’ by demanding the enforcement of our constitutional laws, and remove all from Congress that do not adhere to them.

All congressional leaders that support the globalist U.N. agenda need to be REPLACED with those that know and enforce our Constitution.

LOL…I’m sorry I went off on my tangent because this note was only suppose to let you know there’ll be some new functions here such as the ability to register then log-in to post comments and receive emails of new posts.  I’m working on it now but not all is functional and I’m sure there will be errors until I ‘learn’ how to navigate all the settings.  Please be patient and continue to check-in for new posts.

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