Update – Coming Membership Function

Update:  I’m still working on the register and log-in features for this ‘blog site’. I’m adding easy log-in for those on social media but I need my pc that is 400 miles from my present location.

It’ll be another week or two before I’m able to finish the process.  I have to download code and upload code to verify my ownership of this property (website).  My original site builder is on my windows pc and I use a Mac for this WP site.

So, Lord willing, once I get the pc down here this will move along quickly.  The registration should be working now.

If you subscribed under the old format you’ll have to register again.  Security is in place to eliminate spam.

I postedt earlier I will not approve any requests that do not have a real name and typical email address.  I’m not hidden and I don’t expect anyone to hide that would register.

Registering is private so there is no need to hide.  NSA knows all of us already – do you have a smart phone? Smart TV? Or any other online devices – you’re known and even if you delete from your device it stays on the ‘cloud’.

To claim our Sovereignty that has been acknowledged by President Trump in multiple speeches to us and the world we must be courageous and stand up to the tyranny that has kept us oppressed for decades.


If we’re fearful to do and say what is ‘lawful’ to do and say then we are an oppressed people living under a tyrannical government and our country is in ‘distress’ reflected by the upside down flag- and all is upside down right now don’t you think?


We are the  Restoration Founders of our Constitutional Representative Republic. 

’One Nation Under God with Liberty and Justice for All’

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