Immigration Burden – Tax Payers


Why is CONGRESS placing this financial BURDEN on the backs of USA CITIZENS?

Immigration use to be for those that would ‘contribute’ to our country and loved America.

The traitorous CONGRESS has now allowed WELFARE IMMIGRATION to flourish while We…the PEOPLE are taxed into poverty to support these individuals.

We not only support them but they are also slapping us in the face as we provide for them by not learning our language or sssimilating to our culture.

They don’t want to assimilate fine but LEARN OUR LANGUAGE and DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CHANGE OUR CONSTIUTIONAL LAWS, HISTORY & TRADITIONS.  Live quietly and work to pay your own way & for your multitude of family members.

We’ve been ‘indoctrinated’ to only have one child or none to SAVE THE PLANET – many of this immigrants have numerous children and some more than one wife to have children by at our expense – why – the more children you have the more money you’re paid.

Keep in mind this is money only spent in our country and we fund many of these immigrants home countries as well, again why?  If we are sending money to their countries why the heck are we also bringing them here?

There is a very nefarious purpose which is NOT humanitarian in nature but has a foundation of corruption and wickedness.

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