Constitution Converted To A Trust – “The Matrix As It Is”

Excerpt from “The Matrix As It Is” by David E. Robinson

“The Constitution FOR the United States was converted into a Trust. The legal definition of a Trust is: “A legal obligation with respect to
property given by one person (donor), to another (trustee), to the advantage of a beneficiary (Americans).”

The property in this Trust includes all land, your personal possessions that you believe you own and your physical body. The donor of the Trust is the King of England and the Holy Roman Church. The Trustee’s are all federal and state public officials, which means that they truly are Agents of a foreign power; the King and the Vatican.

The reason the Constitution was converted into a Trust is because, as a non-trust business plan;  The Constitution completely bound
the hands of our government officials!

By their converting it into a Trust, our public officials; were then free to make any changes they desired to this government, without their constituents knowledge! The rules of a Trust are secret and no trustee can be compelled to divulge those rules, and the rules can be changed by the trustees without notice to the beneficiary”

Commenter: People pay property tax, income tax, tax on goods. They pay a higher rate on goods like alcohol, cigarettes, and oil. Still we have to pay a user fee on government services. Despite this governments around the world, are borrowing.

In previous books David E Robinson explains the solution, and the problem. Redeeming your Christian name, Commercial Redemption, and Hardcore Redemption. In Redeeming your Christian name, David explains what the problem is and introduces the solution. In Commercial Redemption, David explains the process in how to be free. In Hardcore Redemption, he explains why it works.

For instance all lawyers swear to the BAR in Britain. Which is protecting the interests of the international Bankers in Britain. And that the UCC code applies everywhere. In this book he explains that if we do not become free from this system soon, we risk becoming total slaves.

People are starting to wake up to the fact that global warming is not as scientific as people say it is. People are starting to understand that the tax on pollution is not going to their own people to grow more trees. But the international planners, are going to raise the tax on people. They are going to slowly take away people’s luxuries until we’re all in a concentration camp by 2040. And all those unfit to work, will die. He has documentation to prove this.

Another commenter:  Before he gets to this stage though, he starts from the beginning. That centuries before the 18th Century, the King of England promised the Pope total control of America’s land. So if your land title says you must pay a tax, guess what, a legal title of land has no land tax. However, an equitable title to land says you may use it provided you pay a land tax. Furthermore a certificate of land, is proof you owe money. These definitions are in a law dictionary.

So the catholic church has a say in America. The other interests are the international bankers, who lent to America, and of course the English crown. It shows how all of these people affect what happens in America. Also some of your people in government are secretly members of the British system.

His previous books, explain, what can be done. This explains why we must act now. It will get worse. The ETS which charges a tax on energy usage is going to go up, and is unaffordable. For those who think none of this applies to you:

All licenced lawyers swear to the BAR in Britain. Which is protecting the interests of the international Bankers in Britain. The UCC code applies everywhere. So yes, some of it is American history, but a lot of these things apply to everyone. Once you see what lawyers have done to your freedom, you’ll never want to use a lawyer again.

The original 13th Amendment forbid Attorneys and Lawyers from holding public office because of their ‘Nobility’ title.


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