Cross Talk #ReleaseTheMemo #FBIGate #ObamaGate

All this information leads back to Barry Soetoro aka Barrack HUSSEIN Obama. It goes back decades before him but right now we’re exposing the most current crimes related to this deprive Russian Collusion scheme.

What I’m about to say is not addressed in this video but ultimately is where all is headed.  

HRC wasn’t indicted because it would have implicated Barry Soetoro while he was still faux President.  It is all going to be revealed soon – bit by bit so the people can begin to understand the lies and deception that has taken place for decades.  

The Secret Society is 3.22 (Skull & Bones) but that is only one secret society vein, of many, leading to the ‘Eye’ at the top of the pyramid – did you ever wonder why there is a pyramid with an ‘eye’ at the top of on the back of the dollar bill?  

The reason -Occultist like their symbolism.  This dialogue has strayed far from the content of this video which only addresses the corrution of the FBI and is very important it is listened to.

MAKE NO MISTAKE – THIS IS NOT JUST ABOUT THE FBI BUT ALSO THE DOJ, CIA, CFR, IRS, BLM (land manage), U.N., CDC, FDA, AFT, DEA, CPS, HHS, DOE, et al. There are so many but these are only th stones I can name off the ‘top of my head’.

They are the ROGUE ENFORCERS for the Communist Global Order (NWO) that has been operating unhindered in our country since they murdered JFK in the 60’s coup d’tat. 

All these agencies are un-Constitutional and run by un-elected bureaucrats that have used these agencies against USA Citizens to increase their wealth and POWER for their Master BANKERS – the 1% of the GLOBAL population that owns and controls everything on this planet, and most importantly ALL MAINSTREAM MEDIA.

President Donald J. Trump needs the support and power of We…the people to drain this swamp that has been sewer fed for decades unhindered.  That is why one of the very first major things he did when he was inaugurated was to return Sovereignty to We…the People. Listen to his Inauguration Speech (archives).  

Together WE can ‘Make Ameirca Great Again’ #MAGA but we first must repent and ask for the will and grace of Almighty God to be returned to our people and country, remember, “One Nation Under God”

Its time to live accordingly – unite and Speak up for our sovereign rights and reclaim our Liberty – our rights come from Almighty God NOT government!  NOW IS THE TIME TO STAND OR WE WILL FOREVER BE ENSLAVED, as the NFL Kneelers are bowing to these Global Communist Occultist that have THEIR PLAN for the World and it does not include you and me! To them we are ‘worthless eaters’ but Praise God, He has sent us a modern day “Moses” to liberate those that will choose to once again have “Free Will.” 

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