Senior Executive Service (SES) Shadow Government Unmasking


This is a must listen video – it completely exposes the ‘Senior Executive Servie – SES’ Shadow Government, also called, ‘Deep State’ that has been usurping our REPUBLIC and destroying our Constitution since 1978. 

If you remove the E from SES what do you have, that’s right, SS and didn’t the Nazi’s have an SS?  

On December 15, 2015 the ‘community organizer’ BHO signed an Executive Order —Enhancing the Senior Executive Service

There approx. 9,000 to 10,000 SES people and 8,000 were appointed by BHO after he signed the E.O. Enhancing the SES another 33,000 were added before he left office. 

No background checks are done on these people and those that are SES NEVER LOSE THEIR TOP-SECRET CLASSIFICATION and they need not be qualified for the positions that occupy.  Something else he did before leaving office was to have 500,000 background checks REMOVED from fugitives.  Are they also now SS, I mean SES.

Most of the top leaders of the SES are LAWYERS and they make laws, rules, & policy.  One law they made for themselves is they can never be fired!  They’re in top leadership positions in ALL ABC ‘GESTAPO’ Agencies across this country.  

Does CONGRESS know about them? Absolutely. All in congress are put there and kept there by the SES – congress ‘benefits’ from this rogue crimninal communist regime that’s been destroying our Constitutional Sovereign Rights since 1978. 

This video can explain who they are and what they do much better than I. Take a listen and tell all your family and friends about them. They can be stopped if the American people unite sharing information about them exposing all their nefarious criminal activity.  This is just the surface exposure -unfortunately there is much more hidden below the surface that is much more sinister. 

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