Prop 1. Dismissing Marijuana Misunderstandings

Reverend Steve,

Do you guys have something going on about this Marijuana law that
the people just voted in a number of townships and city’s are passing
ordnances to opt out of the program??

Most of the people on the street don’t understand what took place.

It looks to me that the state legislator just pushed every thing off on
the local governments.

What I have looked at is things should be revamped at the state level .

This has been going on for a long time; legislators
pushing their duties off on local governments instead of doing their
own Job !!

Yes Newberg Twp has opted-out. Newberg is the twp where Rainbow Farm (info) was.

Xxxxx Xxxxx [name removed for privacy]

Hi Xxxxx,
Maybe the following will help others to better understand what is going on, but I strongly recommend that folks read the language for themselves. If Newberg Twp. residents aren’t happy about this, then it is up to them to do something about it, which is the way that it should be!

Dismissing marijuana misunderstandings

Re: The Nov. 14 guest opinion piece, “Marijuana battle is not over”: Some clarification is needed.

First, regarding the myth that communities have to reject legalized cannabis businesses or they will “be implemented into every local community unless they choose to opt out…” There is no “opt-in” or “opt-out” requirement contained within the Proposal 1 language, nor has there been a directive from a state agency requiring such action.

Before a municipality can host businesses described under either the medical business program or the congruent business outline created by the Prop. 1 language, they must first pass zoning ordinances and have open meetings. No business can suddenly spring up in a
town’s midst without city approval. No opt out ordinance, letter or action is necessary to control cannabis businesses in a community. Period. This falsehood was oft repeated in pre-election campaign materials and has induced several cities and Townships to enact these rules, which are developed at a cost to the city and Townships but carry no benefit.

Secondly, citizens who grow cannabis legally in their home are not allowed to “sell and exchange… within 1,000 feet of a school or church,” as the editorial states. Citizens are not empowered to sell cannabis under Prop. 1. If a community chooses to empower a licensed legal or medical marijuana distribution center to operate within 1,000 feet of a school they must zone the businesses for that activity. Citizen directed initiatives cannot dictate zoning rules.

Thirdly, several fear-mongering statements about intoxicated driving, increased incarceration rates and THC levels are all misfires. An estimated 1.3 million Michigan residents already use cannabis and we have seen no evidence that they cause driving problems; there is no reason this would change due to Prop. 1 Incarceration rates will fall due to Prop 1, not increase. Prop 1 requires maximum THC levels to be established for marijuana infused products.

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