AIM Insight: SES Plan To Destroy America Revealed

Senior Executive Service (SES) usurped the Civil Service when Congress and CARTER signed all the gov’t over to them when they created them in 1978/79.  Top 500 are all lawyers and/or judges and most are also CIA.  They create law, policy, rules, statutes, codes, & regulations to keep we the people under their control and to protect themselves from us.  They control ALL AGENCIES, they’re un-elected, cannot be fired, and set their own wages.  If one happens to get removed from one position they’re just removed to another.  No requirements and no background checks necessary.

BHO appointed 10,000 and before he left office by executive order he enhanced by another 33,000.  This is the ‘Shadow Government’ and the CIA is the Deep State, both plus the FBI, DOJ, CFR, and all other agencies including the UN are at war with President Trump. Our country is split, not between dems & repubs but by nationalists & globalists.  

I strongly suggest everyone listen to this video for more information about the proposed ‘Carbon Tax.’  There isn’t even a ‘plan’ on how they proposed to stop ‘Climate Change’ using excessive TAXATION to do so.  It is a plan to turn all into ‘serfs’ under their control so they can rule as ‘demigods’ over all the world. This is what the NWO has been putting in place since WWII.  That war never ended it just went ‘under-ground’.  All the nazi scientists and their eugenics program were brought to America and JFK discovered what they were planning and was going to stop them. History tells us what happened to him.

We must educate ourselves to truth and stop believing their ‘lies of deception’ that have been spewed for decades in our schools to our children programming them to believe their lies while they erase our founding from history.

Listen, Learn, & Share with others … Truth will set us free!


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