Dr John Coleman Committee of 300 Tavistock Institutie Conference – Public Questions 1994

If you’re interested in truth and trying to figure out what is going on in our country I strongly suggest you watch this video.  It is long so time would have to be set aside for it or only watch what you can set aside at a time and return to it as time permits.  This is information you’ll never hear on MSM but perhaps in bits & pieces when it serves ‘their’ purpose to do so.  

Have you noticed that no matter which ‘party’ is in power we always move forward in the same direction never missing a beat?  Nothing ever changes for the better and their Global Agenda continues to be implemented.  This information will explain who, what, when, and why.  

Please take a listen and share with others that they too might be informed.  We have a formidable domestic & foreign enemy that we have no idea is at war against us, and that it is domestically our own government.




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