‘If I Were The Devil’ – Paul Harvey 1965

Listen to this video very carefully and maybe a couple of times. Paul Harvey narrated this just a couple of years after JFK had been assassinated and the communist nazi’s began their infiltration of all our institutions and the CIA introduced ‘street drugs’ (LSD) to begin socially engineering our society i.e. Woodstock.  

They re-interpreted our Constitution using their manifesto of ‘separation of church and state’ they removed 10 Commandments from schools after prayer was removed late 50’s.  Johnson, who was complicit in JFK’s murder then muzzled the churches via 501c3 tax exempt and Judas pastors sold out the church because they were already tax exempt so it was ‘special’ exemptions but it forbid them from speaking about moral issues to their congregations as was the practice prior to the muzzle of 501c3.

Then what came next ‘abortion’ and this was huge because if a society would consent to murdering their unborn it completely removes ‘sanctity of life’ for all people including living children. Couple this with the ‘theory of evolution’, that was NEVER proven but was disproven by true science, gives those in power the ‘right’ to define us to be ‘animals’.  It erased our created in ‘the image of Almighty God’ which then stripped our Constitutional secured rights as sovereigns because we’re created in God’s Image.    

Follow that with all the government completely turned over to un-elected bureaucrats via the SES – Senior Executive Service that completely usurped Civil Service.  This one act that Congress allowed in 1978 implemented in 1979 and signed into law by CARTER turned all of the government over to the SES and this put them ABOVE congress and even the president. I will continue to walk you through history of events that brought us to this crisis in our history but this narration by Paul Harvey is a very good ‘word picture’ of what happened.



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