Dearborn City Council Forces Christian Schoolkids To Sing Muslamic Hymns

Saturday’s annual “holiday pageant” at the City Council building in Dearborn, Michigan has Christian parents terrified. Parents who dropped their kid off at “closed set rehearsals” all month were shocked to learn that the reason they couldn’t attend was that the pageant would not include any Christmas music. Instead, it was “100 percent Muslamic hymns,” according to parents whose kids were in the show.

A total of 23 parents — that’s 61.4 percent of kids who were supposed to be in the show — have been forced to furiously pull their precious young ones out of the pageant after learning that it was just a stunt to push the Muslamic faith on them.  

“My daughter is a Christian because I tell her to be and I’ll be damned if she’s going to participate in this religious propaganda,” parent Betsy Carbunkle told the Dearborn Gazette. “She’ll be singing about Jesus in church instead. Our pastor won’t force other religions on her.”

Children who were slated to participate — including numerous children from area Christian schools — didn’t learn songs like “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” and “The First Noel.” Instead, they learned Muslamic “holiday songs” like Aisha, Queen of Beauty and Grace and “Mohammad Rock.”

Many parents like Carbunkle are furious. “My daughter didn’t sign up for this,” says the mother of an 8-year-old girl. “She was supposed to sing about Jesus, not Mohammad.”

The City Council, which is comprised of six Muslims and a Jew and zero Christians, says they tried to build an “all-inclusive holiday show that represents the community.” Dearborn is 83.7 percent Muslim according to the last city census in 2016. That number has likely grown since then. “We don’t feel it is unreasonable for the holiday pageant to adequately represent the community.”

But parents aren’t buying it. “This is indoctrination,” says parent Richard Gorge. “It’s not like they were singing traditional Christmas songs. Most of these tunes like “Mohammad, Mohammad, Mohammad” we’ve never heard of.

Parents say they plan to sue the city.

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