Constitutional Common Law Court vs. Queen’s Admiralty Court


Below is a flurry of tweets I tweeted this morning -short bytes of truth and decided I would post them all here for those not on twitter or not following me to read.  They’ve brief for just a quick summary of what happened to our remedy for JUSTICE . 

Why do we continue to allow JUDGES to rule over us? Most commit more CRIMES than any of us.  We rebel against God’s Laws & we say ‘don’t judge me’ but then we bow before the ‘Black Robes’ as if they’re gods

Their rulings are increasingly ungodly & unConstitutional

What happened to the People’s Court, Jury of ones peers, Jury Nullification, Grand Juries, Common Law, Justice of the Peace ?

What happened ‘Admiralty’ usurped PPL’s Law of Land & why there’s no longer JUSTICE

SES/LAWYERS/JUDGES statute, code, poilicy, regulations rule CHA-CHING

PPL we need to throw off POLITICS its destroying our REPUBLIC & RESTORE OUR COMMON LAW COURTS thats our REMEDY & RECOURSE against ROGUE JUDGES, LAWYERS, & POLITICIANS – its time to bring back STATESMEN & get rid of POLITICAL SCIENCE 

Common Law is the MORAL LAW of the people

They’ve indoctrinated our founding from us by their LEGALESE LIES of DECEPTION 

Our enemies use a different language than we do & that is how they’ve deceived us into ‘ignorance’ – then they legislated OUR COURTS from us because that was our REMEDY for JUSTICE …

Our Common Law Court of, by, & for the PEOPLE was also our MORAL COURT that kept our CONSTITUTION intact to secure our GOD GIVEN SOVEREIGN RIGHTS 

With each new generation they stripped from education indoctrinating to their LEGAL DICTATES, STATUTES, & CODES, REGULATIONS …

Our common law courts of the people had more power so they gradually removed them …justice of the peace had more power…constitutional ELECTED SHERIFFs had more power … they manipulated through depression, assassination, & family destruction then told us we needed AGENCIES

…commissions… zones, permits, licenses, DEGREES, certificates et al … 

COMMON LAW is our FREEDOM & LIBERTY against a ROGUE TRAITOROUS GOV’T – We need to bring back COMMON LAW COURTS in our communities that adhere to the CONSTITUTION – NO VICTIM NO CRIME

Form your own community councils & common law courts based on the CONSTITUTION not admiralty statutes – have your ELECTED SHERIFFS deputize as many men as needed to clean up your community from rogue ds communist minions 

We the PPL

Unite, Stand, ACT – USA!


Replace sheriffs that are not acting in accordance to the Consitution and for YOUR BENEFIT to secure your rights. RECALL & Replace sheriffs hold special elections then have the sheriff deputize law-abiding citizens to run the rogue minions out of your community…

MUSLIMS are practicing common law … this is WHY they have more rights because they are actually using our CONSTITUTION for their own liberties & freedoms – they’ve been educated to benefit of our CONSTITUTION while we’ve been indoctrinated to communism ultimately to…


Which is actually what is now taking place because we walked away from our CONSTITUTIONAL COMMON LAW COURT of, by, & for We the People to defend our SOVEREIGNTY as a FREE people …




Or LEGALESE LAWYERS & JUDGES which enslave us by their rulings instead of bringing remedy & justice 

No Victim No Crime 

example: Speeding Tickets – whose the victim

4 those in panic at thought of throwing off politics to restore Constitutional Common Law Courts of, by, & for the ppl …panic no more because this does not replace our 4 branches of Gov’t – yes I said 4 – because our Common Law Court of, by, & for the ppl was the FOURTH BRANCH

4 those in panic at thought of throwing off politics to restore Constitutional Common Law Courts of, by, & for the ppl …panic no more because this does not replace our 4 branches of Gov’t – yes I said 4 – because our Common Law Court of, by, & for the ppl was the FOURTH BRANCH

Through the manipulation of Foreign Int’l BANKERS & their created UN & CIA – Mockingbird MEDIA usurped the people’s 4th Branch – this is why media directs the OPINION of the people instead of the PEOPLE keeping EXE, JUDIC, LEGIS, in check by the WILL of WE the PEOPLE …

Same FOREIGN INT’L BANKERS created DEMOCRACY MOB RULE again because we abandoned our COMMON LAW COURTS there has been no REMEDY – we do not need to be LAWYERS & original #13A forbid ‘titles of nobility’ from holding public office of any kind – hm..wonder why? 

Our founders KNEW what they were doing …they fought to free us from what we now have brought ourselves full circle back to… read ALL of the Declaration of Independence instead of just the preamble & see if doesn’t apply to this ‘USA CROWN’ 

We’re destroyed 4 not seeking TRUTH


We must restore our Constitutional Common Law Court of, by, & for We PEOPLE to restore JUSTICE & throw off LEGALESE SPIN WORD-CRAFT of WIZARDRY, TRICKERY, & LIES 

Seek Truth in all things – search your heart & ask God for His Wisdom

Final statement: Remember @POTUS Trump gave POWER back to We PPL during his Inauguration & UN speeches

He needs-We PPL in OUR COMMON LAW COURTS putting USA INC on notice via our constitutional non-admiralty courts of, by, & 4 PPL to REIGN THEM IN & ENFORCE CONSTITUTION ‘FOR’ USA


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