William Cooper Lecture: Behold a Pale Horse

William Cooper was one of the pioneer “WHISTLE BLOWERS’ trying to expose the corruption & criminals that occupy our country when they captured our INSTITUTIONS & ALL three (3) Branches of our GOVERNMENT.  He goes into grave depth of explanation of UFO’s & the Roswell incident that he personally was involved with but he also mentions it could have been ‘fabricated’ to make him believe it was real. 

That’s right we’ve been occupied by COMMUNIST since the ‘pretend’ end of WWII. It never ended it just went under-ground in USA and it infiltrated all our institutions unbeknownst to we people using EUGENICS, MK-ULTRA, & Mockingbird MEDIA on We People. CIA introduced it all & SES joined in the deception to strengthen their control over us. 

The government in DC is NOT our constitutional Republic government and hasn’t been since end of WWII -full power was gained when they murdered JFK. Who was involved?

Excerpt from end of first hour of commentary video: 

“JFK was killed by William Greer the SECRET SERVICE AGENT driving his limo in motorcade. People responsible responsible for assassination were people in Naval Intelligence, Secret Service, FBI, and CIA. Reason stated: He was a security risk. That he had ordered them to stop the sell and importation of drugs to the American people, and that he had ordered them to develop a plan to disclose the evidence of extraterrestrial and their visitation to this earth in the following year (64). He had also ordered a printing of legally constitutional silver backed money, which is not in best interest of the WORLD BANKERS.”

Technology is so advanced now they can MAKE us believe anything they want us to believe.  They have advanced craft that few have seen or know about other than those that occasionally saw them and were called ‘nut cases’

This video is long but it is a MUST LISTEN and well worth the time for those that KNOW something is terribly wrong but don’t know what it is.  It has a name and is called TREASON through FOREIGN DECEPTION, FALSE FLAG MURDERS, THEFT, LIES & TYRANNY. 

What happened to Bill Cooper? They killed him as they do all that actually expose ALL the TRUTH and cannot be bribed or threatened into silence.  Also he spoke of this BEFORE it actually come to pass, such as when he mentioned chips in dogs, today it is common practice but at the time he was ridiculed for such a statement. 

President Trump is doing the same things that JFK was going to do and why they killed him.  This IS why he is so hated and has had numerous assassination attempts on his life already.  Since the murder of JFK there have been many working behind the scenes attempting to expose and their life sacrifices are starting to show the fruits of their dangerous task that cost many their lives. TRUE PATRIOT AMERICANS fighting for real liberty and freedom not the illusion created by the enemy that our troops aboard are fighting for us. They are NOT they are fighting for COMMUNIST GLOBAL BANKER SATANISTS, but unfortunately most of our people do not know this because of the drugging by street and pharmaceutical drugs, TV, iPhones, Music, Sports etc that keep us ‘occupied’ while they do their murderous acts behind the curtain blaming their brain-washed controlled patsies.  Please listen and be informed and share with others when you can.  Thank you