Q – The Plan To Save The World

This video explains what has been in the works since the Coup d’tat of the 60’s when JFK was murdered by the same people in control today in high places including CONGRESS, SES, CIA, FBI, CFR, MI6, Committee of 300, UN et al ALL GESTAPO AGENCIES.

This is a bit longer than previous two posted videos but equally important. It is uplifting to know a ‘plan’ has been in place since the 60’s which also means we’ve actually been in a cold culture war since then.

I’ve known about this plan for about 8 yrs but I’m old enough to KNOW first person what happened to our REPUBLIC of, by and for the people (evil was allowed in our country in 1913).

I was ten yrs old when they killed JFK and while our Nation was in SHOCK they moved to

immediately infiltrate every institution in our country and DRUG our youth and present Rock n’ Roll to introduce their satanism to the masses – i.e. WOODSTOCK. But I digress please listen to the video succinctly explains what happened to not only USA but other countries as well.  

 But first is the speech that ultimately made JFK a threat to the planned New Word Order (Globalist) Agenda. He found out about their plan and was going to dismantle the CIA, return silver certificate money, and stop Viet Nam War.  They could NOT have these actions undoing their planned destruction of American People through immorality and our CONSTITUTION by making it null and void through statutes, regulations, codes, policy, rules, and law, as well as over-laying with communist manifesto and implementing Saul Alinsky ‘Rules For Radicals’ taught in our universities – especially CHICAGO

Enough said make some popcorn and sit back and listen to the HISTORY not taught in ‘state’ schools since they’re too busy socially engineering our little children for their gain.  Thank you and God bless



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