This Is Why The Great Awakening Terrifies Them

Many people are now beginning to rise up and speak out. Many still have to hide their identies for security purposes.  We know how many have lost their life speaking TRUTH that will wake the masses if they knew it.  This is a short video but has a ‘powerful’ testimony that should be heard by all.When are we going to PROTECT OUR CHILDREN?  We created this PERVERTED DEATH CULTURE when we silently allowed the aborting of unborn babies – the only innocent among us.  When this was accepted in 1973 it removed sanctity of life to ALL children and people.  Life no longer had value – created in the ‘Image of God’ was removed and we as a society began to act like the animals they told us we are.  THEIR THEORY of EVOLUTION was allowed to replace CREATION.  Moral absolute truths were lost from from generation to another bringing us to this depraved satanic control over our people.

Only the saving grace of Jesus Christ can drive back this evil  by first receiving His spirit through repentance (II Chron 7:14) then stand for absolute TRUTH & LIFE… the good news … people are waking up to see the evil deception that has been thrust upon us since the ‘40’s’ but actually began in 1913 when President Wilson allowed pure evil to enter our country called the FEDERAL RESERVE it’’s PRIVATE & IS A  FOREIGN INTERNATIONAL CENTRAL BANK that orchestrated the GREAT DEPRESSION with a purpose.   I’ll stop here because obviously I could go on but I’d like you to listen to the video which is far more important.  Thank you