Look at the first images of the video below, what do you see?  It’s the ‘All Seeing Eye’ appearing in the middle of 3 chemtrails forming a triangle in the sky. Proof enough that the Illuminati uses this new strategy to suppress, dumb down and fundamentally poison the masses using the air we breath. I don’t know how

anyone could continue to NOT BELIEVE our skies aren’t sprayed after seeing this. Either this pilot is trying to WAKE PEOPLE UP to the fact they are spraying or it is a very hard slap in our faces by the SATANIC GLOBALIST ILLUMINATI in control of all countries on earth. The video is foreign not sure what the language is.

Stratospheric Aerosol Injection aka Geogineering aka ChemTrails are very real my friend and it is why so many people now have RESPIRATORY issues such as ASTHMA not to mention or diseases. It is also why trees and other foliage is dying and its more difficult to grow good vegetables.


The pictures are mine that I personally took from my backyard in Michigan.



The pictures are from my own backyard.


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