Steve Pieczenik – Beltway Bandits

As with all information do your own research.  I post information from a variety of sources for all to catalog, not to agree or disagree but remain ‘neutral’ while gathering bits and pieces to inch the ‘curtain’ back a little bit more exposing more truth.  There’s so much disinformation, misinformation and propaganda, which is a politically correct word for LIES. 

Do not hitch your pony to any one source of information but gleam what you can from each source then move-on.  So much information comes from compartmentalized groups, organizations, parties, private clubs, associations that create ‘tunnel vision’. 

Government compartmentalized ‘everything’ even the human body by creating ‘specialized’ doctors, as if, one part of our body isn’t connected to another, but I digress, please forgive me.  This is a short 5 min video that gives a few crumbs (corps) that pillage Americas wealth for their ‘secret’ projects.

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