Ted Kennedy Asked KGB to Help Defeat Reagan

Video (23 mins) Synopsis: But now comes Professor Paul Kengor, who has actual state documents from the archives of the old communist Soviet Union which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that a top democrat – Sen. Ted Kennedy – then called the Lion of the Senate for God only knows what reason – Ted Kennedy made contact with the KGB asking for the Soviet Union’s help to prevent President Ronald Reagan from being re-elected during the run-up to the 1984

election campaign. I mean Prof. Kengor has this smoking-gun document in his hand and he can’t get any attention from any major media source or any Congressional investigation – until last night – when Mark Levin – God bless his soul – put Prof. Kengor on his Sunday evening show on Fox. 23 minutes long but well worth the time for the information. Thank you and God bless all.


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