The Agenda Behind The Shutdown – Its Not What You Think

Video 15:31 Comment below is from the video comments:

I worked for 8 yrs for the State in the Auditor’s Office. I saw the waste and favoritism in the office I am a very active person and to have the day drag on and on with nothing to do has never been a good thing for me. When I quit because of this and 4 people were hired to do what I did…explain that? What does non-essential

mean…think about it? WE DON’T NEED THEM…HELLO?!?!?!?! When we had a shut down before and some people got other jobs it proves that we don’t need all these people. There also needs to be a law put in placed that if you are -NOT doing the job you were hired for then YOU need dismissed no more open-ended lifetime job for those that do nothing! Every gone into a vehicle licensing agency and there is one or 2 people doing the work and the rest are standing around…the lines are very long…I see it ALL the time.


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