Active Federal Law Enforcement Officer Speaks Out – Hagmann Report 15Jan2019

This Marine guest is alot younger than me, but alot that he says is true and the tradition expected of you as a Marine, but there’s alot of God-fearing warriors for Christ in the Corps as well. I also have 2 tours of combat as a Marine many years before Iraq and war takes a toll on the hardest of men. Our gov’t lied to us, which is why the ptsd suicides are sohigh. These vets can’t handle the guilt of the lies once realized. That’s why the Muslims hate us. we killed them based on lies. then this same gov’t of ours brings them here. we’re killing the wrong people. [I’ve stated this numerous times that PT SD is a result of what our GOVT has done to our troops but I also believe the suicides might be ‘arkincide’ type events to reduce patriots directly or via ‘microchip’ control]
I’m a Marine I can’t understand how not only are the churches silent but what about the vets wear are all the veterans not a peep out of our veteran
The punks and skanks of the U. S. Only care about smokin dope drinking alcohol and getting some p#ssy and d#ck ! They are little snot nose toddlers that dont care about anything but their self ! The U. S. Is in serious trouble folks the United States has been taken over by the muslims russians chinese and the nut job deep state and the corrupt politicians and we have very few real men in the United States that will do anything to save the United States !


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