The Conversion of Norma McCorvey – ‘Jane Roe’ of Roe vs Wade

NEWS: New York just approved a new law: * allowing abortions UP TO BIRTH * no protections for babies BORN ALIVE after botched abortions * non-doctors can kill babies in abortions * a baby is NOT CONSIDERED A HUMAN BEING under law until birth * prohibits ANY pro-life laws

Jane Roe of “Roe v Wade” fame died in early 2017. Who really was Jane Roe? What secrets have the mainstream media covered up? 

The case was based on a LIE – are you surprised?  This is a very sad story and one that many Americans can relate to either directly or via a family member or friend. Some would think this will verify the necessity of abortion because of the abuse inflicted upon her and that is the democrats claim, but I hope you’ll recognize the true solution for all for eternal healing for self and family  … LIFE! 

Father Frank reflects on the passing of Sandra Cano and her desire to see an end to abortion and to have her story spread about how she was used and manipulated as the Mary Doe of the Doe vs Bolton Supreme Court abortion decision, the companion case to Roe vs Wade. [DOE v. BOLTON (?) How many have heard of this case?]

Powerful testimony by Sandra Cano – Doe v. Bolton – companion case to Roe v. Wade

Our SCOTUS needs purging. Listen to this… rarely is the CONSTITUTION debated but instead they debe BLACK’s LAW and other cases.  Our CONSTITUTION is above Black’s Law; all law needs to be legislated on its constitutionality in accordance with the Constitution as it is WRITTEN – Ruth Bader Ginsberg references the UN CHARTER et al.  Democracy does not determine our law because our Constitution binds the power of ‘mob rule’ democracy to protect the rights of ALL people including infants still in their womb. Our founders despised democracy and gave us a Republic, not a party system but a system of protection from a loud, aggressive mob!