Roger Stone – Arrested by SWAT TEAM Early This AM – ’29’ Agents ’17’ Vehicles

This is TERRORISM by a corrupt justice system!  Twenty-Nine (29) agents with Seventeen (17) vehicles for One (1) Man.  How did CNN know to be there to report and why were there so many people there to ‘boo’ him to quiet his voice? Is this how people are arrested in America today? People should be outraged that our Bill of Rights obviously no longer exists in todays criminal corporate controls.  I do not know much about this man nor do I know much about Alex Jones.  I do not listen to Alex Jones because I do not like his delivery of information, not what he reports because it is TRUE, but his personality in delivering it. 

However, I have the RIGHT to TURN HIM OFF and that is my right.  I do NOT support a gov’t that takes that choice from me.  Rise Up America, STAND FOR JUSTICE, or forever bend the knee to tyranny!