SOTU Address – President Trump – February 05, 2019

BEST SOTU EVER GIVEN BY A PRESIDENT – IMO –  President Trump is speaking directly to We PEOPLE instead of ‘politicking’ as past presidents do to please their masters: lobbyist, bankers, corporations, and special interest groups.  I’m not going to quote all the wonderful statements President Trump made other than this one because it reveals President Trump’s heart for all to see and it sends two important messages. First, he is declaring Sanctity of LIFE  and second this statement announces the origin of our individual sovereignty.  The below quote has power if people will reach out and claim it, but it begins with the SANCTITY of LIFE for ALL.   

”Children born and unborn are made in the holy image of God”. ~President Donald J. Trump – 2019 SOTU 

If you’ve not heard this address I hope you will take the time to listen because it is speaking to you and all Americans.  Enjoy and God bless