Format & Database Connection Issues

This blog has been having serious issues for the past few months. Either formatting is scrambled or a ‘data base connection error’ appears. Due to these issues I’m going to have to utilize my website more and use this blog just as a reference/directory front page to redirect since this blog can categorize and my website doesn’t. Obviously wordpress sites are more easily manipulated by those that do not appreciate individuals that dare to exercise freedom of speech.

Much of the information I provide to my readers is information that has been hidden for many decades because if the people actually knew what takes place behind the curtain they’ve object.
Your continued patience is appreciated while I begin to populate the original website:

All videos will be posted on the website that is more stable with categorized links from this blog. Sometimes ‘convenience’ isn’t convenient but tends to be more ‘controlling.’
Godspeed Patriots our Republic, ‘One Nation Under God’ will prevail by the grace of Almighty God! II Chronicles 7:14