Josh Tolley Interviews Satanic High Priest – 10 Sept 2015


Description from Josh: A Satanic Priest has had enough! He is blowing the whistle and naming names. Presidents, Actors, etc all involved in Satanic Worship!    

“Remember the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was proving he wasn’t real”

My note: Please do not listen to this if your children or teenagers are in the room.  This information is to educate people who do not believe this evil exists because it does and it has risen to a level that leaves only a ‘remnant of true-born again in the spirit Jesus followers’.  Pay attention to ‘how’ he was introduced as a child because that is very important information.  Also, be not fooled, do not automatically believe he ‘converted’ because he supposedly converted to Catholicism, which is not biblical salvation faith.   One thing for sure though it is a ‘lie’ when satan tells people they can’t be saved because they ‘supposedly’ sold their soul because they can, where the problem is, most people who actually did sell their soul to the devil don’t want to be saved.  They’ve given over to a reprobate mind so be very cautious of someone with the history of this man. However, in his defense what I will say is if he is sincere about being ‘rescued’ from this evil then he will find truth if he SEEKS TRUTH and will be ‘born-again in the spirit of Jesus.’

“Remember the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was proving he wasn’t real”

Any and all can be rescued from the pits of hell if they repent and ask to be saved but he doesn’t express repentance & briefly mentions Christ Jesus.  A ‘red flag’ also went up for Josh.  His explanation for the questions Josh presented about Catholicism is a bit of a ‘spin’ without renouncing any of what Josh presented to him.  Again, gather data, it’s not necessary to agree or disagree … SEEK TRUTH and only truth … thank you and God bless. 


Do NOT even TRY to Get out of the TRUTH that is COMING…VENGEANCE is COMING   Feb 19, 2019 from ‘theJonathanKleck’ channel.


The FACT Pattern is Always Perfect when the TRUTH has Been Discovered..The Time to Face the Music is Breathing down the Neck of the Entire World.. The Information and CONTINUATION of Proof is now at a Staggering POINT of Reality… T.V. , Advertising, Movies. Clothing lines, All apparel, The PROOF is in EVERYTHING!!!

Comment on youtube for this video: Scott Rogers13 hours ago

i have been searching for the truth for the past 5 yrs, 2 weeks ago i came across a video not much of one just tape recordings of John Todd from 1973, well i was a bit shook after 5 hrs of straight listening, I hit my knees and was in tears asking Jesus for only the Truth nothing more i was sick of all the rabbit holes. Funny that night i happened to put on the matrix on my smart tv which was on amz. prime app, must have fallen asleep, Im not sure of the time but it felt as if I was shook awake, and all i heard was you want the Truth well here it is, I was dazed but i was alone in my apt. my tv was on YT and this guy I have never heard of never saw before was on JK, so i sat and watched in astonishment, that all i learned in 9yrs of catholic school melted away. The Truth was flooding me and i couldnt help but cry and laugh at the disbelief. I know Jesus showed me to this Ministry, and I TY Jonathan Kleck brother for having the strength to tell all your testimony, and keep repetitively doing it you have a great delivery, change nothing please. I hope and pray everyone that watches you gets the message. TY and Jesus Christ for never forgetting me/ us all.





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