What Trumps About To Do Is SHOCKING – Robert D. Steele

An up-lifting interview that is encouraging if much of what DRS states takes place.  We can hope, pray, and be sure to support President Trump in 2020.  His first 4 years are spent battling the DEEP STATE and SHADOW GOV’T.  This is a decades-old sewer fed swamp he has had to wade through to find the plug to start draining it but we also must find the plugs in our LOCAL COMMUNITIES to start draining our communities of this criminal banker tentacles that have been put in place when our communities were INCORPORATED and the UN CHARTER implemented in our communities.  Thank you and God bless! 

For those that are following FOREIGN CURRENCIES there is a statement in the video from David Robert Steele that is very interesting. He claims that President Trump is going to inject a very large sum (T) of money into our economy from the BOTTOM-UP (Street level).
There’s only 3 ways I know of (could be more) this could happen at the ‘street level’:

1) Foreign Currency Exchange – an equal fair exchange for ALL COUNTRIES – no more SORO’S RIGGING
2) Fair Tax eliminating Income Tax & hopefully Property Tax too (my wishful thinking)
3) Return to Gold Standard and to do this  FAIR Tariffs need to be in place

One and Three would have to be implemented together in my thinking but I could be wrong:)
A Global Currency Reset (GCR) has been in progress since the 2008 collapse. That’s right it’s been taking place for 10, going on 11 years, and before then even but aggressively since that time.
Why the length of time: To try to make the final crash as soft as possible.

The finality isn’t here ‘yet’ but it is getting very close IF ALL GOES WELL. Pray it does!

Listen to Robert David Steele … he gives much information of the direction it’d be good to continue forward towards.
P.S. Gathering data is just that – gathering data – you don’t have to agree or disagree just gather data but SEEK TRUTH in ALL THINGS -if you practice this what is true will stick and what isn’t will fall away as you continue gathering data and a bigger picture will come into view. Gather data from ‘many sources’ do not allow yourself to fall into the trap of ‘tunnel vision’ following after one source.
This is one of RDS’s better interviews but I cringe every time I hear him refer to Cynthia McKinney as a ‘goddess’. Other than that enjoy!

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