NYPD Shares His Direct Witness to Trafficking in America

This is a must listen from The Power Hour.  It’s time for America to open its eyes and take a stand against the evil that has been allowed to flourish in our country preying on our children.  This is information directly from a NY Police Officer and do NOT think for a minute it isn’t happening in almost every city in our country even ‘rural’ America.  For too long we’ve allowed POLITICIANS and others to LIE to us about prostitution claiming it was RUNAWAYS… well listen to the truth given by ‘direct witness’ actively involved in trying to combat it. What threw open the ‘gates of hell’ for this evil to rise? 

Abortion stripped our children of SANCTITY of LIFE and threw open the gates of hell. It was accepted by the ‘congregations’ in 1973 and satanic churches opened in CA in early 80’s.  Missing children began to rise so much they started putting their pictures on milk cartons and grocery stores had a bulletin board with pictures posted: ‘Have you seen this child?’

We went from first trimester abortion to partial-birth abortion and most people had no idea and think the law for late-term abortion just opened that door when it has been taking place.  Now open INFANTICIDE is proclaimed because they need MORE POWER but where is Almighty God’s CONGREGATION – this battle is ‘Principalities and Powers’  evil rises because God’s people don’t unite and stand against it. The enemy has captured many ‘conngregations’ in America with the new prosperity gospel or the very old ‘rapture’ salvation.

From abortion to now our children are sexualized in state schools, and now are indoctrinated to change their gender before they even know what gender means.  This decision is being made for them by twisted teachers and parents.  The argument is they’re not sure what they are …well the same hormones that are given to alter their sex can also be given to balance their God-given sex.  Where’s the outrage of Mother’s? 

But again I digress… listen to this information if you’re a TRUTH SEEKER then search your heart for truth, and accept nothing less but the truth.