Has The White House Lost It’s Way?

Roy makes excellent points in his rant and I agree with him. Protecting ALL people’s rights is extremely different from pushing it on the people of an Nation and demanding that all people accept it.  People will ave to decide who they really serve because a revolt is coming from the ‘right’.  Those that do support this constitutional REPUBLIC, not the party, are uniting, standing, and demanding this lawlessness be stopped with a complete restoration of our BILL of RIGHTS and a closing of our border.  President Trump has gone estray and myself have paused on this for moment:  

Are the democrats ‘appearing’ to go off the rails so President Trump can align with the globalists plan to finish their goal and assuring President Trump is elected again because he is the ‘lesser of two evils’ same playbook … same plan… just a new face every 8 years to continue their GLOBAL ‘5G Internet of things everything WIRELESSLY CONNECTED’ AGENDA of control.  Real Patriots see the problem and do not blindly follow the new ‘Pied Piper’.   I still support President Trump ‘for the moment’ but if WE the PEOPLE don’t UNITE, STAND, and DEMAND he do what is right for our  constitutional REPUBLIC and resign from the USA, INC CEO position, then our Constitution has been completely shredded and we’re no longer a sovereign people.  Understand that means there is no longer anything to ‘bind the powers’ of gov’t.  President Trump did open the door for WE the PEOPLE to walk through but if we don’t take it we’re forever locked into their COMPLETE SATANIC CONTROL under what’s coming very soon. 


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