Mossad Meltdown: Jeffrey Epstein’s Sex Crimes

Rick Wiles puts the spotlight on Jeffrey Epstein, and recent developments in the pedophile case against the Jewish financier, and his network of high-powered politicians and celebrities whom he was brokering sexual favors of young girls. Is there a connection between the Clintons, the Bushes, and the Israeli Mossad through the daughter of disgraced and dead media mogul (and Jewish spy) Robert Maxwell? Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart, Kerry Kinsey, Matt Skow.

Airdate 3/7/19  Direct LINK to watch on TruNews in event youtube pulls this down.  My note is below this video.

My note: President Trump is mentioned in this report.  I’m continuing to gather information only because the historical information about Donald Trump doesn’t align with the ‘media hype’ about him.  How else to bring all this out to the public’s attention than to implicate Trump?  I have two thoughts on this.

It has been known for a very long time that Trump might run for president so it’s makes perfect sense they’d try to set-up a ‘black mail’ situation against him in the event he did run and WIN.  So my thought is this is what took place.

Trump visited the island only ‘once,’ was he gathering information or allowing himself to be set-up to bring all this out?

 This take-down has been planned almost right after JFK was killed by these same rogue satanic criminals that have been running this planet for generations. 

President Trump has been going after these child predators with a vengeance.  In my thinking he would not be doing this if he in fact were guilty of the same.  This ‘SECRET’ has been in place for many decades in our country.

My thought is that’s why Congress and Carter turned all the government over to the SES (Senior Executive Service) in 1979. It literally put ALL POWER ABOVE Congress and the President of the United States of America since that time. I’ve shared several video’s on this blog exposing the SES.

Did they blackmail Congress and Carter into doing this?

It gave all power over to SES, of which, the top 500 are ALL LAWYERS and are all the names we continuously hear over and over surrounding all the criminality and TREASON that is taking place to destroy our CONSTITUTION

.  Also, most of these people have DUAL CITIZENSHIP with Israel – did you know that? 

SES controls ALL the GESTAPO AGENCIES in our country of which there are many and all are unconstitutional.  They can’t be fired they’re just moved from one agency to another and several are also CIA AND MI6 or MOSSAD AGENTS.  The real Jewish people are not these Zionist Jews that are not Jews at all. They use antisemitism to silence anyone that would come against them.  I’ve listened to this twice and will again to fully grasp the historical information given by Rick Wiles.   

2003 TRUNEWS CLASSIC: ROBERT MAXWELL – ISRAEL’S SUPERSPY – Direct LINK to TruNews in event youtube censors this information and takes it down.


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