General Tom McInerney: We Never Leave Anyone Behind?

Presentation given by General Tom McInerney at the ‘Rolling Thunder Event’ in DC – 2019 Memorial Day Weekend

[I transcribed this from Dave Janda so I apologize if there are ‘errors in correct word usage’ due to ‘speech enunciation’ ] 

“Now I did not come here on the lasting ‘Rolling Thunder’ just to praise the extraordinary job you’ve done for the MIA families, for those that have been confirmed killed in action, and the remains returned home to final resting place. Many of whom are buried just across the river behind us in Arlington National Cemetery.

No, I came to give my humble opinion on ‘Did We Leave Anyone Behind’? I’m sad to say after some extensive research I’ve concluded like Admiral Ace Lyons, who is no longer with us God rest his soul, who said in 2017, that in fact we did leave people behind in WWII, Korea, and Viet Nam.
The World War II numbers were approximately 23,500 men who were in German POW camps liberated by the Russians and then sent to Russian slave labor camps.

President Truman’s administration was surrounded by Soviet espionage agents, who had the ear of both Roosevelt and Truman, and in fact, Harry Hopkins who was Soviet’s most valued agent during WWII played a significant role.

The administration was worried about offending Stalin and desperately wanted good relations with the Russians so they kept it a secret from the American people who would’ve been outraged. The deep state folks existed back then. I will repeat this sentence again several more times.

The Korean War similar shameful act by the Eisenhower administration left behind approximately 8 t0 10,000 men. According to General James VanFleet 8th Army Commander. They ended up in slave labor camps in North Korea, China, and Russia under brutal conditions. This actually came out later, much later in declassified documents. Again the Deep State existed and the Diplomats sacrificed our men for their geopolitical views. This was all kept secret away from the American public.

Now the Viet Nam war is much closer to our memory because this is why our Rolling Thunder founders formed this important patriotic group in 1987 and after a series of commissions produced very little over the years.

Since Operation Home-Coming was completed from February 1973 to April 4, 1973, the North Vietnamese returned 591 POW’s, 510 from North Viet Nam, 69 from South Viet Nam, 9 from Laos, and 3 from China, but this was only 12% of the remaining 5,000 total MIA’s in North Viet Nam and Laos evenly divided between, 2,500 from each location.

From 1973 until 1993 there were numerous commissions and study groups resulting from hundreds of sightings of POW’s in North Viet Nam, South Viet Nam, and Laos. In addition, there were a number of rescue attempts planned especially under President Reagan, who was genuinely interested in trying to liberate as many as we could located from the sightings reports.

Unfortunately, the Deep State would leak the information to the Press and the raids would then be cancelled. This combined the original failure of the Nixon administration to carry-out a secret letter from President Nixon to ‘Ho Chi Minh’ saying the U.S. would fund $5 Billion for reconstruction for return of all of the POW’s, which was then reneged upon by the United States after President Nixon’s resignation, and the democratic congress is cutting off all funding to the South Vietnamese forces, which resulted in the capitulation of the South Vietnamese forces after an invasion by the north.

I, General Tom McInerney, was the air attaché in London the day the Name fell. At the time I was welcoming the House Majority Leader, Tip O’Neal to London on behalf of Ambassador Elliott Richardson. All Tip O’Neal said when I showed him the headlines in the London Times of the name falling was quote, “We cannot be the world’s policemen.”

Without a doubt the Democratic Party leadership who had control of both houses at the time was in the ‘cut and run’ mindset which further complicated the MIA issue being resolved by President Ford, who was then followed by President Carter who paid lip-service to any attempts to resolve the issue with the assistance of the Deep State, which was, continued to be alive and well.

The Deep State continues to survive just as it did for so many years to suppress the status of the 5,000 MIA’s from the Viet Nam War. In fact, the same people involved in Benghazi we’re also involved trying to bring down the Trump Campaign in his newly formed administration using the same patterns of behavior i.e. getting warrants to collect all the communications data of Rick Gates, and George Papodapolous, which means, if you get them you get the whole teams communications. This was done to our team the ‘Citizens Commission on Benghazi’ as we investigated what really occurred in Benghazi. The whole CCB Team was monitored in an effort to try and protect the Obama election campaign and frankly it almost worked. I know because I was part of the Citizen’s Commission on Benghazi and noticed strange things happening to my emails.

Now the Russian collusion hoax against the Trump administration to do a soft Coup d’tat and impeach President Trump is exploding in the Obama administration’s face as we speak, but it is important to point out, that we watched it in operation throughout many years that we left behind our MIA’s by both democratic and republican administrations. As a matter of fact, every president since Roosevelt through Obama has used [this operation] to thwart freedom-based efforts put forward by Patriots.”