Scientific Proof The Universe Was Created

This was never questioned until the THEORY of Evolution by an Atheist was introduced.  Creation was taught in our schools exclusively until atheist began appealing to the rebellious sin nature of mankind.  The transition from Creation to evolution began by first teaching evolution in schools alongside Creation then eventually Creation was kicked out completely even though it was NEVER scientifically proven other than PROVEN ‘fabricated papers and photographs’.  Incremental changes over time with each new generation is how we’ve been deceived by the enemies of our Creator God, and especially his son, Jesus Christ. 

Evolution began the conditioning of mankind to erase the fact we are made in the ‘Image of Almighty God, our Creator’ to remove our sovereign rights as a people. Today most of our population does not understand the importance and significance of being ‘Sovereign’.  Our FREEDOM comes from our Creator NOT governments. Read our Declaration of Independence in its entirety.

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