The Plan To Save The World REMASTERED

I learned of  ‘The Plan’ about 12 years ago, long before ‘Q’ arrived. The Plan began right after the assassination of JFK, that’s how many years it has taken to get to this point in time.

Through the decades, many lives have been lost of honorable patriots standing for truth & righteousness to defend our Constitution and expose the corruption and treason.

Many ppl have been smeared, set-up and imprisoned or outright murdered by accident or ‘suicide’.  

The war that began many years ago between good and evil is now reaching a crescendo of exposure on a daily basis leading to much volatility in our society.

We’re in a very dangerous season for the safety of our people due to the barrage of LIES spewed on a daily basis by the CIA mainstream media and CIA university professors et al. The  short video below explains much of what happened and what is being done.

Be encouraged but also PRAY because it is our repentance and prayer that will bring this struggle for liberation to VICTORY!  Its time for We the PEOPLE to enact ‘One Nation Under God’ along with ‘In God We Trust’.  Global Corporate Government is our slave master not our protector. 

We need a LANDSLIDE VICTORY for President Trump in 2020. Everyone must show up to vote to thwart their rigged machines and voter fraud.  We must audit polls, maintain ‘Chain of Custody’ and do all we can to assure honest elections.  Especially here in MICHIGAN. People must be proactive or President Trump returning to power to we the people will be null and void and it will be our own fault!  This is our first friendly president since JFK and we must seize the opportunity for liberation from the tyranny of the corporate defacto state.