President Trump Outsmarts Dems in ‘The Great Game’

There is so much going on behind the curtain of ‘smoke and mirrors’ by the rogue crown controlled deep state controlling everything in this country aggressively since they murdered JFK.  There is so much propaganda now, not only on mainstream but also on many ‘alternative’ sites claiming to be conservative or patriot whether it is never-Trump or Trump can do no wrong, it is difficult to discern what actually is the truth.  Unless you are there in person to see and hear yourself you may not really know the truth, especially anything digital.  So always discern everything and research multiple sources to gleam the bits of truth, then still keep an open-mind. This is why I share information from multiple sources so the listener/reader can personally connect dots and research for self.

Best source is to go directly to President Trump and listen to him, not someone else wrapping a 3 sec clip with their bias opinion. Always seek truth and settle for nothing less than the truth.


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